Finding Your Way To Camp

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There is a lot going on in in ds106 at Camp Magic Macguffin. We do have a group of University of Mary Washington students who are following a syllabus; if you are interested in being part of the course as an open participant, you are welcome to tap into just the parts that interest you, and it is never too late to start.

Here is the trail to follow.

That’s getting to camp- once here, look to the announcements for what people are doing this week (a short “to do” list is on the bulletin board in the sidebar). We hold weekly synchronous campfire chats, sometimes in Google Hangout and in the future inside our Minecraft environment.

In this iteration of ds106, we are putting people into smaller community groups, our bunkhouse, each with a few veteran ds106ers as counselors, a few UMW students, and other open participants- see the bunk assignments and let us know if you are not listed.

Things to do include the Daily Create activities and then as we move into the meta of the course, items from the assignment bank, and tap into the #ds106 user community on twitter.

Mostly come experiment, connect, create, and if you don’t like something, change the rules.

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by robotson

As the man says, Let’s Make Art Damnit