How do we tag our blog posts so they show up in the aggregated list?

Great Question! There are actually a couple of ways to answer this.

First, and foremost, if you want your blog posts to show up on either the main DS106 site ( or the Magic MacGuffin site (, you need to register for DS106. Then we’ll make sure the blog URL you enter during registration is added to our syndication mechanism. (This is a manual process right now, so be patient. If your posts aren’t showing up in either location after a day or two, let one (or all) of us know on Twitter (@cogdog, @mburtis, @jimgroom).

Note: When you sign up on DS106, we’ll always add you to the main DS106 site. If you’re participating in the course during summer 2012, make sure you choose “Camp Magic MacGuffin” as your affiliation and we’ll make sure you also get added to the camp site, as well.

Second, if you like, you can tag or categorize your posts in your blog with something like “ds106” and we can try to just grab a feed for that tag/category. This is really easy in WordPress, but it’s also possible in some other blogging systems. Just let us know via Twitter what tag you’re using, and we’ll try and get the filtered feed!

Third, as we assign posts for people to create in order to complete assignments, we’ll usually provide a tag/category that we want you to use. This helps us to filter content based on the assignment that’s being completed. Please try to remember to use these when you’re completing your work!