If I’m an “Open” participant, do I need to get everything on the packing list?

Well, since you are here on your own volition and dime, you get to choose. You do need a blog space to post your ds106 work. While we require our UMW students to create their own domain and self-host a wordpress blog, as an open participant you have the option to:

  • Use your existing blog This si fine but we’d like a way to just syndicate in your ds106 content, so we woukld need to know what tag/category you might use within your blog.
  • Create a New Blog You can create a special ds106 space on almost any blog platform, self hosted wordpress, WordPress.com, Blogger, TypePad, tumblr, posterous – we just need

Essentially we just need a RSS feed from any space you can post your work- it will need to support tags (for your assignments to be properly recognized).

Beyond this the most important things are a twitter account, and for the Daily Creates and posting your media, accounts n flickr, youtube, and SoundCLoud.

The Minecraft account is not strictly required, but it is going to be a space we will be exploring and having some virtual meetings in. It is the only thing in ds106 that has a cost (~$20).