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Camp Endings: Part One

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Attention all Camp Magic MacGuffin counselors and campers: as you all pack up to go home, we feel compelled to share a strange video found on the headquarters computer this morning. Co-directors Burtis and Levine have been out of contact with us, so we can’t comment upon what this means. Perhaps some of you will be able to make sense of it. . .

Right after this recording a cel phone transmission was intercepted and recorded, it appears there is some urgency for returning to “the mine”

recording of intercepted audio

If you’re looking for the final announcement for week 10, you can find it here.

Week Ten: The Final Chapter

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Well, campers, we’ve arrived at the tenth and final week of Camp Magic MacGuffin. Nine weeks ago, who knew what was in store?

For this final week of camp, your assignments will focus on synthesizing some of what you’ve done and what’s been going on around Magic MacGuffin. We expect everyone to bring their A Game this week!


What does AWESOME Sound Like? Welcome to Week Five.

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Camp is going to take a dramatic turn this week as we delve into a new form of storytelling and media making: for the next two weeks we’ll be working with audio, and your job as campers is to keep up!

You have a number of things to do this week, starting with some audio resources you need to review. Then, we’ve got a slate of assignments for you to start working on so that you can get comfortable with audio. You also have your standard Daily Creates and letter home. Finally, you’ll be organizing into groups this week in preparation for next week’s lionshare of work: creating and producing a radio show to be broadcast on DS106 Radio!


What’s Behind Door Four?

Monday, June 11th, 2012

We’ve wrapped up our week on visual storytelling and photography, and this week we’re diving into design. You’ll spend some time at camp this week thinking about the way the world around you is designed, as well as creating some of your own design projects. In addition, we’re going to ask you to learn more about copyright and the Creative Commons movement, in part so that you can make a wise choice about how to share your own #ds106 work!

(If you haven’t been watching these entire videos, we highly recommend you do — especially UMW students. Think of this as the only required “lecture” you have to attend each week. It is full of important information!) (more…)

Bunkhouse X at Camp Magic MacGuffin

Monday, June 4th, 2012


We are pleased to announce the opening of a new bunkhouse at Camp Magic MacGuffin. Bunkhouse X (formal name TBD) was formed today, under the leadership of Mr. Jim Groom (formerly of Bunkhouse 5, the DigiOuijas). We believe that this move positions Mr. Groom to fulfill a leadership role at Camp that he craves. We are certain he will move quickly to name the new bunkhouse and decide on a logo.

Furthermore, Bunkhouse X will be the bunkhouse for any and all late camp arrivals. We already have a few new campers assigned to the house, and we anticipate more to come.

As a further clarification, let us emphasize that we fully trust all of our camp counselors to mange their houses and maintain decorum.

Please welcome Bunkhouse X and our newest counselor to Camp.

–Your camp co-directors, Alan & Martha


Earn Your Blogging Badge

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Magic Macguffin campers are going to be posting a lot of content to their blog, sharing the things they create at camp, photos and videos and camp activities, writing letters home, etc. While would never suggest that there is one best way to write to your site (for that is what you are to learn as you go, to develop a style), below we outline some guidelines for being Blogging Champs based on our experiences. (more…)