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Story Challenge: Final Project

Monday, July 30th, 2012

The Slide Guy Mystery

Who is this man? Exploring the mystery of Slide Guy! at Camp Magic Macguffin


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My Camp Story

Monday, July 30th, 2012

What you are about to see is based on a true story.
It was Jasmine’s first time at camp, so she really didn’t know what to expect. Arriving at camp seemed normal enough, but she noticed a few of the counselors were acting a bit strange, but her counselor seemed to be the only normal one, with a welcoming message (I guess she knew what her occupation was).

So she thought to herself about the rest of them, “Oh well they are probably as unwilling as I am to be here.” Jasmine’s first few weeks at camp were fun. She even started her camping duties early. 

Which made camp a little bit better. However Jasmine started noticing things disappearing from her suitcase.

Jasmine was thinking to herself that these are weird things to steal, but to each their own. Camp seemed pretty fun. It was still a lot for a city girl to take in, and on top of that she and nature have not been the best of friends, with that being said she stilled tried to embrace it. With her tooth brush, hair brush and socks missing, she decided to just embrace the wild look while at camp.

Which proved to be very cost efficient. It was week 5 at camp when Jasmine noticed Alan’s inability to remember somethings. So she decided to retrace his steps. After a few days of playing super sleuth, she realized that he had been spending time near shed 4, which Jasmine was told not go near. The curiosity became to much to handle where Jasmine found herself spying on Shed 4. Where she noticed Marco the grounds keeper, keeping tabs on her. She then confronted him, asking him why he was following her around. And he replied, “This land is rightfully my family’s, be careful where you poke your nose, you know what they say about curiosity and the cat.

Jasmine gave up the hunt for  few days, and decided to try to focus back on camp, but all these questions kept circling her mind….. “Why would they have camp if areas where off limits? Why are camp leaders suffering from memory loss and why are counselors acting strange. No matter who she followed, everything she seemed to uncover lead back to shed #4. So on Friday the 13th of July, she decided to take matters into her own hands and solve the mysterious occurances happening all around camp herself.

Upon entering  the shed, Jasmine had to fight off every attack from her conscious telling her to flea, but she ignored it. Jasmine entered into the shed, just to have the door slam being her. All of a sudden this noise filled the air, and made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on edge.

Jasmine then ran towards the door, bursting threw it, in a panic trying to get back to the safety of her bunk house.

After getting back to her Bunk House Jasmine spoke of what occurred to no one. Hoping that nobody was aware of what she did, anxiously awaiting for camp to be over, and praying that her secret remained just that, a secret.


Ongoing Dream: Camp Magic Macguffin

Monday, July 30th, 2012

There are two main types of dreams. The kind where you are almost watching a movie unfold before you, kind of hoovering over everything that is going on, but no one knows you are there. Then there is the type where you are active in the dream and interacting with what is going on. Every Sunday night for the past ten weeks I have had the same ongoing dream, that hoovering kind of dream. You know the kind that unravels like a story, you wake up one morning and realize your dream is sort of deja vu, like you have been in that dream place before?

My dream place was called Camp Magic MacGuffin. It was filled with great mysteries, it seemed like in almost every dream either a new mystery was developing or more facts would surface about an old one. The dream started fairly nice though, with two camp directors, Martha and Alan. They seemed to get along fairly well at first, and they were the main characters in my dream.

Some things were kind of random though, almost like a crazy Alice and Wonderland type dream. Early on there were just these random images that would pop up in a few dreams of this slide guy. This is what he looked like:

SlideGuy at CMM BavaLava

But slide guy just vanished suddenly. This guy Joe Beets tried to uncover the mystery of what happened to slide guy, he found him at a local Chiptole, but slide guy wouldn’t go too much into his story.

Next Martha and Alan (the two main characters in my ongoing dream) had some issues, Alan was constantly missing and then meeting with this guy Marco in Shed 4? Poor Martha was left to direct camp by herself. She really wanted to know what was going on in Shed 4 and Alan planned to show her but then he came up with the following excuse:

Between spending time in Shed 4, falling down holes, and then going to out of state camp meetings, none of which poor Martha was invited too, Alan became a questionably devious character in my dream. Well that was until Martha actually got to see Shed 4!

The curious thing about my dream was that I really could not see into Shed 4, and I did not believe that it was really just a “electrical control panel” for the camp like I once heard Alan say. I was starting to think that maybe it was a spy shed….like in it housed equipment that kept tabs on all of camp…like a Big Brother type deal? I wasn’t sure, but now I was starting to question Martha as well.

In my dreams rumors started buzzing about camp. Joe Beets seemed to be spreading most of them, that camp was not real and all sorts of things. Maybe it was Joe beets who was the bad guy? Maybe I was wrong about Alan…maybe Beets caused Alan to fall down the hole? My dream never really explained it all clearly to me. I could only make inferences and assume things. All I know is that in my dream no one knew that I was watching, I was always there watching and waiting to find answers to my many mysteries.


Camp Magic Macguffin: Creativity Camp or Creativity Vamp.??!!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

On May 21, 2012 I started on what would be one of my most interesting college experiences. I was a little nervous, but also excited. Little did I know what I was getting into though.

Week 1 of camp went by pretty smooth, everyone was really nice and welcoming. We got introduced to all this new technology and sites. SoundCloud, flickr, twitter, the works. It was all cool.

Week 2 we had to setup our sites and WordPress. We got introduced and more acquainted with very interesting characters. Our counselors were a very diverse and interesting crowd. Some of them seemed weird to me, but who was I to judge. And some of the people at camp had odd names like “Hatchet jack” , “Joe Beets” , and “Slide Guy!”. I began to question if all of them were even real people. Oddly enough though, Alan had dissapeared from camp and Martha seemed really worried. Things were starting to get weird, he was being dodgy. But don’t take my word for it see for yourself…

All of this was very unsettling. And I remember even earlier Alan mentioning something about an ELECTRIC FENCE?!! Why would we need an electric fence… at camp? Despite All these weird going-ons, I overlooked them. I was enjoying myself at camp, was very bogged down with my UMW course as well as my camp assignments.

Week 3 focused on visual assignments, which was awesome. I think I discovered a new passion for photography, but also discovered that there really was more going on at camp than meets the eye. In the councelor video for that week, Martha (this was when they THOUGHT they were off air) was clearly frustrated and thrown off. She still hadn’t seen Alan. And he was so indifferent to it, he could see her upset, and just threw her off. There video kept going through all this weird electric interference as if there session was being tapped or something. It was then I decided to keep an eye/ear/monitor open to stuff, thinking I could figure out what was going on. What was in that sachel that Alan had anyway??

I also noticed tension between members. “Jim Groom” who I’ve heard through rumors was some kind of DS106 Guru, maybe even the creator was being a bit of a jerk as well. One of the councelors seemed to be very outspoken though, towards him and anyone who was  acting up.


I think it wasn’t in her best interest to do so though now that I look back on it…

Week 4 we started on our Design stuff. These assignments were getting tougher, but I enjoyed them. My creative juices were really flowing. But things were still off, I noticed Martha was still complaining that she hadn’t seen Alan in 2 weeks. What kind of directors don’t see each other in 2 weeks?! Alan kept making these claims of working in shed #4 w/ “Marco”. What was in shed #4 anyways? and why did it seem so off limits to Martha? Alan kept acting really goofy too, like he was high or something. He kept making a joke out of everything and just brushed Martha’s inquiries aside.

That week Zazzy the cooky councelor completely dissapeared off the blogging map. Her last blog post was June 14 – a Thursday. Last she was talking about some bad sloppy joes she had eaten and was just all kinds of off. I then noticed that others were beginning to dissapear too. Councelors, campers… it was all weird. Even Hatchet Jack, who I thought was in on some weird consipiracy dissapeared the same day as Zazzy. His last tweet:

At this point I was nervous, and slightly scared. I decided to continue to stay low key and just blog along like I was unaware of anything. Better to play it safe, and assume the role of the dummy. 

Week 5 we started on audio assignments. Which was really outside my comfort zone, but I went with it. I was being challenged day in and day out to be more and more creative in different ways. Alan also claimed to have fell down some hole, and went missing for 4 days. He tried convincing Martha that he didn’t have cell phone reception so couldn’t call her, yet he had his laptop with him! He even used the internet to blog… if he did that, why didn’t he use the internet to tweet for help? I wasn’t buying it, and neither was Martha. She was furious at this point. I was a bit afraid that she would dissapear too.

Week 6 was a continuation of our audio unit. Campers were cranking out creations every day. It was awesome, we got hit by a crazy storm and lost power for days. Some, but not all of us apparently. After I got my electricity back (after 5 days of torture!) I dug up some videos. Peep this ….

Martha got Alan to take her to Shed #4!! How did she go from not seeing any wiring or electricity or ANYTHING but dirt and mold… to just going along with everything?! What was it that Alan showed her? I was getting frustrated at this point, while we were jollily making radio shows…. crazy stuff was going on at camp. I wasn’t going to be a sitting duck, I made it a point to get to the buttom of everything. But all in due time…

Week 7 and 8 we did video assignments at camp. Those 2 weeks were the most time comsuming and busy. We really were creatively challenged. And I feel like all the campers really went all out with there work. Funny thing was it was during those 2 weeks that I uncovered the strangest stuff. I noticed Martha itching her neck, it looked as if something had punctured it. She was no longer herself either, going along with everything. Almost coming off as robotic, she was also very very paranoid it seemed. Always looking around, what had those CVI guys done to her? The beloved, opinionated, fiery Martha was gone. I knew it for sure. The lake was sometimes glowing, a weird orangish color. I saw a video I think i wasn’t supose to of Martha telling Alan that she got “orange glow” on her, but washed it off. Alan just reassured her that they said there were no side effects. Who was they? – the CVI guys?

At this point I found out that Martha was going to Shed #4 a lot, almost like she was obsessed with it. I remembered though Alan telling her weeks ago that it was only recommended to be in there once a day for a short period of time. Rumors of a spaceship sighting in the lake were also circulating, as well as sightings of Alan at Arizona and up north. What CVI some government thing? Dealing with Aliens or something? Why is such a huge company investing so heavily into little old Camp Magic Macguffin and our directors?

Week 9 was remix week. My creative paradigm was completely restructured. It was an amazing week for camp, our creativity was at unimaginable levels. I noticed a lot of feedback and praise from Alan too. I noticed that he paid particular attention to my camp activities, much more so that Martha. Was Martha mad at me? or did she not like my work? I was questioning the situation. Soon enough though I would find out the truth.

This is the end of week 10. I don’t really know what will happen to me after this post. I think that they might be on to me at this point, and if they aren’t… well they sure as hell are going to be after seeing this. Alan has been commenting on my stuff like crazy, NOT because he likes it. But because it is fueling camp. Even “Martha” did so too. Not in a metaphorical way, in a literal one. I lost my glasses going down the tunnel, and almost got caught doing this. But it was well worth it, the WORLD needs to know the TRUTH!!

I may not have all the answers, but I know enough now. And this should be enough for you too, don’t get too deep. These things never end well my friends.

My only wish: If they manage to do me in, may I go to Thug Mansion Blog Mansion.

Solving the Mysteries of Camp

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I finished this just before I had to leave for the airport and can’t find the embed on my phone. Hope you can see it here anyway:

It was very rewarding to make!

Reflection coming soon…

Mysterious Camp Magic MacGuffin

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Early this summer I embarked on my journey to Camp Magic McGuffin, I was pretty nervous I had no idea what to expect it had been years since I had been to a camp and I had no idea what to expect. But as camp began my fears began to subside and with my first assignment I began to get more comfortable, I shared a family story which was all but a train wreck having never recorded my self talking before it was awkward for sure.

After that first week I began to get used to the camp and all its inner workings and finally became comfortable and I thought this summer is going to be a nice normal summer camp, and that’s when things got a bit odd. The first thing I noticed was the rumors of the missing Dr,Oblivion and how the suspicious circumstances around it and how nervous the topic of his disappearance seemed to make everyone. After noticing this I decided to try to help out the cause so I created a Missing Persons poster I felt was appropriate.

Missing Poster

After circulating the wanted poster I assumed the issue was probably done with and camp would return to normal for sure I mean what else could go wrong. That is when I was made aware of Alan’s unfortunate incident with the strange object in the backpack that sent him to the infirmary and I began to worry this may be more serious than I previously thought.

After viewing the video above I began to worry what is so crazy about this shed #4 and is this something that should worry me as a camper or is this an issue better left to the proffessionals like Alan and Martha so when I found  out that they were investigating it I decided to leave it to them and let them work it out. Then some counselors began to disappear and Dr.Oblivion was still at large and I began to think there was a possible connection and maybe some creepier things in play here. So naturally my couriousity was to much to keep at bay so I was forced to go see this shed #4 for my self and maybe put my mind at ease.

When I reached the shed the woods were far to quite and then as I got closer I began to hear a deep creepy breathing and I decided I had seen enough and quickly turned around and left for my own good but before that I was able to record the sound so that I could bring it to the counselors attention. I was happy to hear that Alan and Martha were both going to the shed themselves to investigate.

After consulting with my excellent bunk mates we decided to go out as a group and re investigate the shed and after hearing the same sound I did we all concluded it could only be one thing…the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. I mean it all made sense the strange object that gave Alan headaches, it was a machine designed to create zombies (we assumed it was possibly created by Dr.Oblivion). We then agreed there was only one logical thing to do and that was alert the people. We did our best to accomplish this by recording and broadcasting our own radio show across the ds106 radio. We all did individual shows and research for different areas and then used our broadcast to educate the general population to the crises that was coming.

Later we gathered that we were a bit mistaken and the missing counselors returned and everything seemed to mellow out at the end and the zombie takeover never materialized but if it ever does our bunk is ready we have had a practice run. Plus with the mysterious disappearance of shed #4 who knows what was ever really in there and thought the mysterious package was secured who knows what other stuff was in there but that is a mystery for the next set of DS106ers so I warn them to keep an eye and an ear out for suspicious activity but also to have fun and enjoy camp.

Kevin Murphy over and out.

The Final Story

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This final assignment was difficult to say the least. I didn’t even know where to begin. I decided to have a narrative based on two people. One was telling the story of Camp Macguffin while the other person was asking questions about the camp. The girl (who was me) asking questions was a possible new camper for next summer. She had to be convinced that Macguffin was worth her time. (In the end it was). The other person was narrating the adventures that a camper had at Macguffin. She discussed only a few topics of interest such as Mine Craft and Creative Commons to the possible prospect.



This took a lot of clipping and editing to make the final product. I used different YouTube videos that Martha and Alan put up as well as a YouTube video from the Creative Commons website. I wanted to focus mostly on Creative Commons because it interests me so much, this concept of sharing creativity via internet. I also focused in Mine Craft because I know this is something I want to avoid getting addicted to… because it will happen one day I just know it.

If you’re wondering about the bug eyes on the possible prospect… I mean why not?


It’s Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

As Camp Magic MacGuffin comes to an end, I decided to make a short video including all the amazing stuff that I learned and explored in the past nine weeks. Regardless of the hectic weeks, CMM was never short on excitement and happy times. From daily creates, to weekly assignments, photographs, videos, audios, bunkhouse buddies and everything in between. This video obviously does not do any justice to what CMM has given me. Hope you enjoy this video.

Camp Magic MacGuffin: A place of mystery and intrigue!

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Have you heard about Camp magic MacGuffin?! What a fun and fascinating place to spend the summer! But there’s some strange things going on there!

I first raised my eyebrows at this strange character, Jim Groom. I  missed whatever started the commotion but he managed to get himself sequestered into a separate bunkhouse in the first couple of weeks of camp. Looking back over the summer, I have to wonder…is Jim Groom behind all the strange happenings at camp? Is Shed #4 really Bunkhouse X, aka Jim Groom’s lair? Is he responsible for the disappearance of camp counselors and the peculiar behavior of our beloved camp directors? Or was it the derecho that hit camp? Did we hit a nerve with our zombie apocalypse radio show? Hmmm…

Apocalypse Bumper by Chanda Sorrell Cowger

As I look back, I knew something peculiar was going on, but tried to mind my own business, even though the level of mystery was rising

Then, I think I touched a nerve…or at the very least called unintended attention to  myself.


Would I become the next target? Campers and counselors were all around at the beginning of camp. Slowly but surely they started going silent, disappearing. Even our directors, Alan and Martha seemed to be acting a little strange. I found this very distressing! They were our leaders, our guide through this adventure. Alan kept disappearing and reappearing in the new places, irritating Martha. Or was Martha’s moods being influenced by someone or something else. She got more excitable and a little paranoid as time passed. Was it the crazy weather and heat causing her confusion? Did the derecho leave something unpleasant behind that would infect us all with the same affliction that had its grasp on Martha?

I became very concerned for Martha…and the effect her apparent altered mental, emotional state would have on those of us that still lingered at camp. She keeps rambling about Shed #4 and, in this video released earlier today, appears to be “jonesing” like an addict when Shed #4 inexplicably disappears!

I know it might seem a little far-fetched, but here’s my theory about what happened at Camp MacGuffin this Summer:

Someone…I’m still unsure as to who…came to camp with a sinister agenda, ready and waiting for fresh meat for their experiments in mind-control. Was it Jim Groom…Hatchet Jack…Uncle Hector…or even Slide Guy? I don’t know, but whoever it is constructed Shed #4 and ds106 radio to distribute…a virus or infection of some kind?  Once infected, the victim becomes addicted, obsessed with the ds106, its participants, the assignment repository, the daily creates, any and all creative media projects and collaboration…a zombie of sorts. Over time, these victims, also known as #4lifers, become so creative that it takes a toll on their mental and emotional health. Their logic and reasoning skills are changing, perspectives evolving. It’s already taken so many…including directors Alan and Martha, nearly all of the counselors and even some fellow campers like poor Kavon! Some must have run away…or were taken. In any case, campers that made it to the end of the season, appear to be showing signs of possessing this #4life contagion.

And now I fear…it has ME too!

Day 2 diary at Stafford Lakes by Chanda Sorrell Cowger

Given all that’s happened here this summer, I had a great time and learned so much!

DS106 I’ll Have What She’s Having… by Chanda Sorrell Cowger


The Eventful Summer (Final Project)

Friday, July 27th, 2012

It all started on May 21, 2012, a young girl by the name of Kavon Johnson was sent to her first summer camp. She had never been to summer camp before so she was very nervous. Along with being very nervous she was questioning why her mother decided to send her to camp this year. Kavon wasn’t a bad child and her mother never had any problems out of her. So why was she being sent away. Even with all of her questions Kavon went on to summer camp.

When Kavon got to camp, it was very new for her. She knew no one, but everyone started introducing themselves and telling each other about their social networking sites. everyone seemed to have a Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, and so on.

Soon the interaction began. One of the most welcoming tweet Kavon got was from Zazzy, a camp counselor. The tweet read..IMAG2357-1

.. soon Kavon felt more welcome than she did before and she was settling in safely to camp. So she thought. Soon after an uninvited guess came into the camp. No one knew who this person was at first, but the Camp Counselors stepped in and handled the problem. But Kavon felt very weird about it. How did an unknown guest just sneak into camp? Was she really safe here at Camp Magic MacGuffin?

Kavon tried her best to let the unknown man situation go, but for some reason she couldn’t! She felt as if the man was coming to get her. “Maybe that is the reason why mom sent me here?” “Maybe he is after my family?” “Maybe he came here to kill me” All of these thoughts ran through Kavon’s head. She could have been overreacting, but something wasn’t sitting well with her at all.

She wanted to tell someone about her suspicion but she didn’t want people to think she was crazy. If she would be able to tell anyone it would be her bunk mates. Kavon was assigned to Bunkhouse 3 also known as the naked lunch bunch. She was close to a lot of people in her bunkhouse but was especially close to a girl named Marcey. naked lunch bunch

Marcey is the girl in the pinkish shirt, holding a dog. Kavon then confided in Marcey and told her how she had never been to camp before, how her mom all of a sudden sent her, and how she thinks the strange uninvited guest was there to get her. Marcey believed Kavon but had a few doubts. Marcey told Kavon that if anymore strange people came into camp they would notify the Camp Counselors about Kavon’s suspensions.

For about 2 week camp was going fine. Everyone was beginning to get really close and the fun was really starting. Kavon had soon forgot about the strange uninvited guest and was making herself at home at camp. One night as Kavon was walking back to her bunk house she heard something in the woods. Like someone was walking.

Kavon ran into the bunkhouse as fast as she could and told Marcey that something had spooked her. Marcey explained that they were at camp and a lot of animals come out at night and they should should not be worried. Then Marcey mention how she had heard that Zazzy had gotten sick from food at camp. Did someone know that Zazzy was sharing food with Kavon and tried to poison her. Kavon was really worried now.

The next day a camp there was a new person there. No one knew his name at first but he came out of no where. Kavon told Marcey about this new unidentified man and that it could be someone else there to harm her. This time Marcey was ready to act. But she first had to check out this “new guy” to see what he was all about. They soon figured out his name was “Slide Guy” and Kavon wondered where he got that name from. Slide Guy was seen all over camp, but he never got too close to Kavon. Slide Guy did do a lot of weird things but he seemed so happy. As if he would not harm a fly. Kavon did start to notice that Slide Guy was getting close to Marcey.

During the middle of Camp, all the campers had to come together to do a radio show. Kavon wanted to work with Marcey on the radio show, like always, but for some reason when Kavon went to her bunkhouse Marcey wasn’t there. Kavon wasn’t really worried because Marcey was very busy around the camp. So that night Kavon attended a fire side chat with the campers. She thought that Marcey would be there, but she wasn’t. Again, Kavon didn’t worry about it she just thought Marcey was skipping out on the chat to do something more important. Kavon started asking other people if they had seen Marcey and no one had. Kavon then noticed that Slide Guy had disappeared as well. She ran and told her Camp Counselors about what had happened and they made this video.

Kavon knew for a fact that someone was out to get her now. Slide Guy could not get close to Kavon so he took the next best thing; her camp buddy. Kavon was in a uproar, she was scared to go out of the bunk, she was scared to be alone, she was scared to eat, she was even scared to do assignments at camp. People were out to get Kavon and her family knew about it. They sent her there to protect her, but she ending up bringing harm to a friend. Why were these people after her and why did they want to harm her?

As camp was coming to an end Kavon heard this strange noise in her bunk. This was the noise..

.. the whole bunk woke up to find someone trying to take Kavon. The bunk house fought back and come to find out it was Slide Guy returning Marcey. He was making this noise because he had gotten all of his teeth pulled and couldn’t speak correctly. Come to find out the people were not trying to harm Kavon nor her family. The were a private investigation group trying to get background information on her for a job she had applied for. She was so happy she didn’t know what to do with herself. The Camp Counselors had one more assignment for Kavon to do. It was called Pause [Four] A Moment. Kavon took a picture of herself when she figured out that she, her family, and her friend were safe and she knew she would remember that moment and Camp Magic MacGuffin FOREVER!