Camp Directors


After his first semester teaching ds106 at University of Mary Washington, Alan is ready for a fun filled summer at Camp Magic Macguffin. As a kid, all of his summers were spent at a special overnight camp in Maryland (he still fumes about narrowly missing camper of the year in 1974), where he also worked another four years as a counselor.

During last summer’s ds106 quote unquote experience, Alan was traveling without regular access to the internet and remains confused about exactly what happened. He has been brought on specifically to bring some amount of calmness and civility to the scene.

With a lack of snow ruining chance for activities in sled dog racing, this summer Alan hopes to start up a program of competitive kayaking and experimenting with a new form of safer archery for Camp Magic Macguffin. He hopes to get more practice in on his harmonica to be used at the campfire gatherings. An avid photographer, do not be surprised to see him peering into windows with his lens.

If you see a dog on the internet, chances are it is Alan. You can follow Alan’s ds106 work on CogDogBlog Twitter (@cogdog), Google (cogdogblog), Skype (cogdogblog), Flickr (cogdog), or email (cogdogblogATgmailDOTcom). He is also doing a video blog for his camp musings.


Martha is incredibly excited to be co-directing this summer’s edition of DS106 at Camp Magic MacGuffin. As a kid, she actually never went away to camp — something about organized group activities and positive relationships with peers never really interested her.

That said, last summer she had a very special camp experience as part of DS106. But, you probably don’t want to talk to her about that much. . .and if she brings it up, it might be wise to change the subject.

This summer, however, she’s doing lots of yoga and meditation to stay balanced and focused. We’re quite sure that everything will be just FINE. Really. She has experience teaching DS106 twice before, and everyone in those classes came through with few (noticeable) scars. 🙂

This summer, you’re likely to find Martha meditating by the shore of Lake MacGuffin, pontificating about storytelling on Twitter, or cooking up a scrumptious breakfast of bacon, eggs, and Cheez-its around the campfire.

You can find her on Twitter (@mburtis), Google (mburtis), Skype (kauigrace), Flickr (marthagrace), or email (mburtisATumwDOTedu).