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The Credit She Never Gets

Earlier today I posted a quick video about using the ds106 assignments repository to create engagement in an online learning experience. To be clear there are many things that go into such an experience, but I’ve found the ds106 assignment repository has allowed me to re-think ds106 over the last… Continue reading


ds106 Assignments: Designing for Engagement in Online Learning

ds106 Assignments: Effective Engagement in Online Classes from Jim Groom on Vimeo.
Alexandra Pickett, who’s having students create an engaging online course space, asked if I would share some quick advice for thinking about how one might approach designing engagement into an online course experience. I can only steal from… Continue reading


Bootlegs Volume 1: the Soundlab Sessions

Admittedly, this is the Casa (not Soundlab), but that is the 12 string Grant was playing in the Soundlab recordings).

Originally dropped in Alan Levine’s Storybox, which I think was supposed to remain a one-stop shop for media content, Grant Potter and I recorded a bunch of songs sitting around… Continue reading

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Integrating FeedWordPress with BuddyPress

I am writing a larger post about open architectures and the implications of what appears to be a more general move away from a focus on open as in sharing, collaboratively building, and collectively designing a space for teaching and learning others can use freely and build upon liberally. No… Continue reading


Metal Mushrooms in Stereo

I have been dying to do the Wiggly Stereoscopy assignment by Bill Genereux—it basically uses the animated GIF method to create a 3D effect with just two images. It sounds easier than it really is—nailing it is all in the images you choose—though I must say Norm makes it look… Continue reading


ds106 Breakfast Club Edition Post-Mortem

Teacup Pigs

And now for something totally tiny, as opposed to massive.
Yesterday I finished up a two-week whirlwind class of ds106 (which I fondly refer to as the Breakfast Club edition) with five local high schoolers. To be more specific they consisted of two rising freshman, two rising sophomores… Continue reading


Check this craziness out greekgirl008

Check this craziness out greekgirl008… Continue reading

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DS106 Confidential 2012-07-13 09:46:00

In this first of a three-part series, DS106Confidential editor Red Beets unveils key aspects of the mystery behind “Camp” Magic Macguffin.
First, I need to address certain questions regarding Confidential’s involvement in this increasingly sordid story.  While names… Continue reading

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Greetings from the Overlook Hotel

Inspired by the work of the Breakfast Club edition of ds106 on their design assignments today (more on that anon), I took a shot at the Postcards from Magical Places assignment—3 stars! I spent the afternoon showing them how to do one of these in Photoshop, and while I was… Continue reading


Jaws Alternative Book Cover

I have a ton of awesome design work to show off from the Breakfast Club edition of ds106 (a.k.a the K12 edition ), but I want to take a quick moment and feature two alternative book cover assignments done by Anna. She had an idea for an alternative book cover… Continue reading