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The Value of My Experience at DS106

As I write my final “letter home” or weekly reflection, I will share advice with future ds106 participants, especially students. Understand that I write this from the perspective of an adult student, in my mid-30′s, in the midst of a successful, demanding career, with a family and home to manage…all… Continue reading

Camp Magic Macguffin…the unexpected

This was the first online class that I had ever taken, so I was really nervous and quite honestly I had no idea what to expect. I had friends take other online classes before and they told me how they had to meet in an online chat room x-amount of… Continue reading

Ongoing Dream: Camp Magic Macguffin

There are two main types of dreams. The kind where you are almost watching a movie unfold before you, kind of hoovering over everything that is going on, but no one knows you are there. Then there is the type where you are active in the dream and interacting with… Continue reading

Final Letter Home

Queridos Madre y Padre,
(Dear Mom and Dad)
When I first arrived at camp I had absolutly no idea what to expect I was going in completely blind. All I knew was that the entire course was to be online, and having never taken an online course before I could… Continue reading

Week 10 Daily Creates

My first daily create was to record a water sound so I was near a toilet so I was like thats easy and I recorded the sound of a empty toilet flushing.

My next daily create was to draw a flower with my eyes closed. Now this was difficult because… Continue reading

Your Camp Collage

I created this assignment because I was inspired to do something that had to do with a camp experience due to the fact that I was summarizing my Camp Magic MacGuffin experience all week. So I created my own which has a picture of a rope swing, canoe, and bunk… Continue reading

My donation

This was the other assignment that I created for the DS106 Assignment Depository. For my assignment you have to be funny. You need to create a comedy bit that has at least three sound effects within it. You should be able to find most of your sound effects at freesound.org.… Continue reading

Mysterious Camp Magic MacGuffin

Early this summer I embarked on my journey to Camp Magic McGuffin, I was pretty nervous I had no idea what to expect it had been years since I had been to a camp and I had no idea what to expect. But as camp began my fears began to… Continue reading

The first to “Join the Conversation”

So this is one of the assignments that I, myself, created! I had fun with it. I hope there are no other assignments like it, I browsed through most of the video assignments to make sure. But for my assignment you have to find a media clip with at least… Continue reading

Camp Magic MacGuffin: A place of mystery and intrigue!

Have you heard about Camp magic MacGuffin?! What a fun and fascinating place to spend the summer! But there’s some strange things going on there!
I first raised my eyebrows at this strange character, Jim Groom. I  missed whatever started the commotion but he managed to get himself sequestered into… Continue reading