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Story Challenge: Final Project

The Slide Guy Mystery
Who is this man? Exploring the mystery of Slide Guy! at Camp Magic Macguffin
View the story “The Slide Guy Mystery” on Storify

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Class Participation Post

“It is very important to us that you take time to reflect upon your contributions to the course and the work you’ve done. To that end, if you are unsure about where you stand in the class, and would like confirmation, the first step is for you to write your… Continue reading

Week 9

This letter was lost in the mail and is just now being sent. 
Dear Mom, Dad, and sissies,
This week, we are studying remix. Here is a video message of me talking about my time at camp this week.

Love- Marcey
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Weeks 7 & 8

This letter was lost in the mail and is just now being sent. 
Dear Mom and Dad,
Here’s a video message from Camp Magic Macguffin. We are working on video and movies this week.

Miss you!
xoxo Marcey… Continue reading

“Troll Quotes” Tutorial

For the “Troll Quotes” Visual Assignment, you must first start with three famous people in mind.
Next, you need to find a photo of one of these people. You could get this image by Googling the person’s name. I chose three people that were somewhat similar, so it would confuse… Continue reading

Daily Creates; Week 10

The first daily create I completed was making a creepy sound. I could have used audio from the internet or something but I chose to use my mouth. Yes, I made this sound with my mouth

The second daily create I completed was drawing a flower with my… Continue reading

Final Letter Home

Hey Mom,
Today is the last day of camp, heading home soon. I greatly appreciate you sending me to this camp this year. It has been one most eventful summer that I have lived through yet. You know when I first got here I was super nervous and scared, but… Continue reading

Weeks 3 & 4

This letter was lost in the mail and is just now being sent. 
Dear Mom and Dad,
Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Camp has been really busy. I have learned a lot these last two weeks at camp. I am learning about Creative Commons Licenses. I’ve been learning… Continue reading

It’s Never the Right Time to Say Goodbye

As Camp Magic MacGuffin comes to an end, I decided to make a short video including all the amazing stuff that I learned and explored in the past nine weeks. Regardless of the hectic weeks, CMM was never short on excitement and happy times. From daily creates, to weekly assignments,… Continue reading

The Wildcat in me

For today’s Daily Create, I was assigned to take a photograph of an animal that best represents my personality. I choose a wild cat. They are not much different from a domestic cat, however wild cats guard their independence. They are creative, curious, and always out and about or observing… Continue reading