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Some of this weeks daily creates…

So this week I am partaking in the 7 day challenge!! I have to do 7 (or more) daily creates back to back… then eventually sync or mash them up together! Here are some of the ones I did this week…

This was a picture of the outdoors w/out any… Continue reading


Watching one of the “Everything is a Remix” videos really got me to think on the level of ‘originality’ we really do have. His video to start with was set up as a typical video comparing things or kind of peeling things apart… not too original lol.
As he went… Continue reading

Pop Up Note Dispenser

Okay so I decided to do a Product Review, I got a little corny yes. But as I was looking through my desk trying to figure out what to do it on my eyes caught the post-it note dispenser. Call me nerdy… but it is honestly one of the most… Continue reading

Cup 1/2 Full… or 1/2 Empty??

I decided on doing the Kuleshev Effect Assignment because I felt it could be very expressive. I wanted to relay a message or thought to the viewer of my video. Something that I try to live by in life is to always remain positive, even if you feel like things… Continue reading

The Closet

For this assignment I had to create a scene or film from a horror film. This assignment took a TON of time. By the time I got to editing, I had over 25 clips. I had a mood in mind that I wanted to create, and shooting for a scary… Continue reading

The Daily Create: Response to The Seven Day Challenge

A week ago, Alan Levine tweeted out a challenge to accompany a summer downturn in the number of submissions to The Daily Create:
Who’s up to Daily Create challenge? Who can do 7 in a row starting tomorrow? Are you weak? Afraid? I dare ya tdc.ds106.us
— Alan Levine (@cogdog)… Continue reading

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Speed Cooking show

For this mission I had to create a 30 second documentary that showed, rather than told.
I decided to document something I’m amazing it… making sandwiches. I’m good in the kitchen (but no baking, can’t bake to save my life), the only thing I’m probably better at is eating and… Continue reading

Summary of Everything’s a Remix

After watching  Everything is a Remix: by Kirby Ferguson, I agree. There are many movies that I have seen and songs that I have heard that I swear I have seen/heard before, even if that is the first time that I have seen/heard that movie or song. It is true… Continue reading

Weekly Letter

Hey, OMG this week was soooo intense, but at the same time it was a lot of fun. I enjoyed working on videos despite the amount of time it took, it was a ton of fun. In my video I included a clips of videos that I have worked on.… Continue reading

Everyday Make-up how to

For this Video Assignment (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/how-to-tutorial/) we had to make a How-to video. For this assignment I decided to do make-up application. The reason I chose make-up is because I love make-up, I did ballet for 20 years, so it was something I always ended up being around. I chose to… Continue reading