Welcome to The Monkey House!

Weekly Letter 6 and 7

Hey mom and dad, it has come to my attention that my letters may have gotten lost in the mail. So let me tell you a bit about those weeks. During my sixth week of camp, we dabbled in a lot of audio this week, as far as making sound… Continue reading

The Final Letter Home!!!!

Camp has finally come to an end although I am sad to go, I can’t wait to be at home in my own bed I can not believe how fast 10 weeks goes by, it only feels like yesterday that I was packing. I am truly sad to see… Continue reading

Jamming to the Radio

As I am sitting here, I am here dreaming and listening to ds106 radio… Can you dig it? I am actually enjoying what I am hearing, the song that is playing right now is super relaxing. The some that has started playing now, has like a country, banjo thing going… Continue reading

Letter Home: Week 9

Second to last week… unbelievable.
I did a lot this week, and really creatively challenged myself. I found it especially interesting to take other people’s creations and recreate them into something that was distinctly mines. It really brought to light a very important part of DS106, and the concept of… Continue reading

My 7 Day Challenge

This was an awesome challenge issued by our director Alan. The challenge was to do 7 (or more) daily creates in a row. It was tough, but I did it!! Peep the creatives my friends: Day 1: To draw a tornado: I used some photo editing magic

Day 2: To… Continue reading

All Hands on Deck…

I did a remix of an audio assignment that I had actually done previously. The remix button gave me this remix take on it : I had to an imitation of weather audio clip previously done and use it to create an advertisment or a recruiting tool for ds106. I… Continue reading

What is a Remix?

I’ve wrote my whole shpeel on remixes a while back, but after looking at more material and examples I think I have an even better grasp of it. First I watched “Everything is a Remix Part 1“. This was really interesting to because I love music.
The video went through… Continue reading

A double stuffed BUFFALAX

As I was searching for videos to add subtitles to for this assignment, I randomly ran across this one and new it was perfect! It’s like a double stuffed oreo buffalax.
So check this- It’s a video of an African man singing a Hindi song… then both him and his… Continue reading


So after taking part in the 7 day challenge , I decided it was only right to also do its mash-up assignment. At first I had no idea where to even start… so I started going through the daily create archive. As I viewed creation after creation, it sort of… Continue reading

Free Spirited Horse

For today’s Daily Create assignment, the task was to take a photograph of an animal that you think represents your personality. I choose a horse. I feel as if a horse represents my personality because they are strong, stand tall and are free spirited.  I feel a certain kinship with… Continue reading