Welcome to The Monkey House!

Maybe this makes me a creeper!!

I am truly in love with Jacob Black from the movie/book saga Twilight. I know I am a little to old to be obsessing over tween movies.. However, he is super hot! I simply cut my face out of a picture I already had, and laid it over the face… Continue reading

Letter Home: Week 3

Dear Mom,
I think I’m officially a hooked DS106er! I’ve learned and created so much this week. Make sure to check out my blog to keep up. I learned to make GIFs, take photos, edit photos, make my own currency, used soundcloud for the first time… the list goes on.… Continue reading

My Visual Daily Creates for this week…..

These are my daily creates (the visual ones) from this week. I really got to explore taking photos and editing them. I have never been one for photography or getting my picture taken. Only in the past 2 years of my life have I allowed people to take a lot… Continue reading

Defamiliarize: A Stranger in My Own Room

For this visual assignment mission, I had to take 10 pictures of a place familiar to me and show them in a strange way, with odd zooms and effects.
I took pictures of things around my room. Some of the pictures I left as-is b/c of a natural blur in… Continue reading

On Being A Monkey

This is a preliminary post which will be added to over time.  Members of the ds106 digital storytelling group The Monkey House may be interested in some of these resources and hints for use with MineCraft.
1) Monkey Skins are available for your MineCraft dude (while you are waiting to… Continue reading


Our Bunkhouse Is a Treehouse

Just a quick screenshot from #mONkEyhouse106 in Camp Magic MacGuffin. I’m still mostly hopeless in Minecraft but my bunk mates built an entire tree house. Not everyone came to tonight’s social but those who did learned a ton! Led by Andrew Forgrave, we managed to add basic bunks for everyone,… Continue reading

life. a newspaper blackout poem

The newspaper poetry blackout assignment is a project I’ve wanted to do for awhile. I’m a big fan of the fridge magnets that give you a limited set of words to work and create with and I see this kind of assignment along the same lines.
I grabbed my free… Continue reading


A Truly Sedge Experience

For my first Visual Assignment I chose the “Make An Album Cover“. I’ve done this before on some other blog of mine but, I enjoy the random elements to this assingment.

Gathering the pieces
The first step is picking the band name via the random page function in wikipedia. I… Continue reading


The Monkey House – Bunk House One

Party with The Monkey House. We’re rocking it. We will discuss throwing a dance party on DS106radio or perhaps in Minecraft when we get to the audio section of our course. So stay tuned to The Monkey House folks!… Continue reading

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Crafty Business

So! Campers have started to explore the MineCraft incarnation of Camp Magic MacGuffin in droves! Last Friday evening, a good number of folks showed up simultaneously within the virtual space, and by Tuesday evening, the area surrounding the Camp Centre had been transformed with a whole slew of new construction.  … Continue reading