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Colleagues, Alan and Martha, LOST in MINECRAFT !!

“HELP! Alan and Martha are Missing in Minecraft !!” by aforgrave, on Flickr

Our two Camp Magic Macguffin co-coordinators, Alan (@cogdog) and Martha (@mburtis), have gone missing in Minecraft. News is sketchy at this point, but it would appear that they vanished at or near the surface to a “ZoneStone… Continue reading


My Last 3 Daily Creates for Camp

These will most definitely not be my last daily creates, but just for camp they will be.
This first one was to draw a flower with my eyes closed…

I think it looks pretty good, kinda abstract. I’m an artist what can I say lol
For the second one we… Continue reading

Week 10: Letter Home

Hard to believe, but this is my final letter home. I made a video, so that I can remember this moment exactly. This week was really fun, and bittersweet.
For my final digital story I decided to do like a hybrid format. At first I was thinking a video, but… Continue reading


I created this assignment, for the Mash Up section. I would say this assignment is worth 3-4 stars. Go through all your DS106 videos and create a blooper reel!
I went through the old unedited videos I had, and I had tons of mishaps and taken out parts. I put… Continue reading

My Fair-ly Analyzed Post

The movie that I decided to critiqued is My Fair Lady, it is a film made in 1964 staring Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle (one of my favorite actresses), and Rex Harrison as Professor Henry Higgins. My Fair Lady is a drama, family and musical.  After reading  Roger Ebert’s article … Continue reading

My Camp Story

What you are about to see is based on a true story.
It was Jasmine’s first time at camp, so she really didn’t know what to expect. Arriving at camp seemed normal enough, but she noticed a few of the counselors were acting a bit strange, but her counselor seemed… Continue reading

Camp Magic Macguffin: Creativity Camp or Creativity Vamp.??!!

On May 21, 2012 I started on what would be one of my most interesting college experiences. I was a little nervous, but also excited. Little did I know what I was getting into though.
Week 1 of camp went by pretty smooth, everyone was really nice and welcoming. We… Continue reading

Fondest Childhood Memory

My fondest childhood memory was:… Continue reading

Who’s Your Superhero?!?! Tutorial!

The assignment I decided to do for this tutorial was the one I created. The assignment is to get a picture of your favorite superhero. For example:
Batman, Spiderman, Catwoman, Storm, Thor, Captain America.. ect. Upload it to flickr and then tag it in a post and tell us in… Continue reading

Who’s Your Superhero?

For my very first assignment creation I decided to be about superheros. The assignement is to upload apiture of your favorite superhero and tell why in 2-5 sentences. I choose (you guessed it) Cat Woman!!!!

The reason that I choose Cat Woman, is because she is super sassy. She… Continue reading