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The End (of the ISI): Thoughts Mostly for Myself

I have done more writing in the past four weeks than I believe I have ever done in such a period in my life. Not as much of that writing has been here as I would have liked. It is important to write publicly, at least for me. Whether or… Continue reading

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Final Two Chapters in Choice Words (Seven and Eight)

My husband, a college history professor, and I drove to Princeton, NJ this weekend for a wedding. On the drive home he asked for the highlights in Choice Words. I told him he didn’t need me to give him the highlights because he reads my blog. He did not seem… Continue reading

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Tutorial on Milestone Memories

Tutorial on Milestone Memories
Step 1
Decide what your milestones have been throughout your life. Then find pictures that represent these milestones.
Step 2
Open Power Point and place each image on a slide in chronological order.
Step 3
Go to Insert at the tool bar then… Continue reading

Final Reflection/Letter Home/Advice?

This is my final reflection of Camp Magic Macguffin.

Below is advice that I give to future DS106 students. It’s all about time management seriously in my opinion that is what gets assignments done efficiently. Also look for tutorials and previous examples for other DS106 students. Manage your time… Continue reading

The Final Story

This final assignment was difficult to say the least. I didn’t even know where to begin. I decided to have a narrative based on two people. One was telling the story of Camp Macguffin while the other person was asking questions about the camp. The girl (who was me) asking… Continue reading

Tutorial “What Color is Your World?”

What Color is your world?
Step 1
On a normal day, make sure to have a camera of a phone with decent photo quality with you. Pick a color to photograph throughout the day, found on different objects like a car, traffic signs, breakfast, anything at all.
 … Continue reading

Making up for Lost Time

Ah, yes. I am far far behind in the going-ons of camp. I lost myself in my other camp job, which I openly admit was my fault for poor time management.
Regardless, I finished up today and I’m going to do a literal sprint to the finish. I’m embarrassed at… Continue reading


I’ve had a difficult time with the audio assignments this week. I kept getting very frustrated with my tone and volume while talking that I must have read 5 different Suess books 20 times each aloud.
I finally settled on this version of Hop On Pop, by Dr. Suess.
I… Continue reading

Last Letter From Camp

Dearest Mother and Father,
I had really no idea what this class would be like. At the beginning, this class was an enigma. I was unsure of how it would be laid out and where I would fit into the dynamics of class. I was completely new to a lot… Continue reading

More Thoughts from Chapter Four of Choice Words

I really need to get rolling with chapters seven and eight of Choice Words but some thoughts from chapter four keep ringing in my head so I’m going to reflect on them first.
On page 31 Johnston writes,
We hear a lot about teaching children strategies, but we often encounter… Continue reading