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My Last 3 Daily Creates for Camp

Monday, July 30th, 2012

These will most definitely not be my last daily creates, but just for camp they will be.

This first one was to draw a flower with my eyes closed…

my masterpiece

I think it looks pretty good, kinda abstract. I’m an artist what can I say lol

For the second one we had to record a short audio clip of water. I blasted on the good old kitchen sink and just recorded the water running. It has a very unique sound I think, really. Its not like the bathroom sink, or you pouring out water into a cup- its water hitting the steel of the sink… in the kitchen. Just take a listen for yourself…

For the last one it was “you are what you eat”, we had to draw a figure of ourselves with food somehow. I was eating some Jalepeno Cheddar Cheetos and sour watermelon rings (I know I’m such a health freak… but thats how I keep my body looking so fit). It was the PERFECT choice too.

You are what you eat!

The body is spicy, and up top he’s sweet… ;)

And those were my daily creates for week 10!

Week 10: Letter Home

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Hard to believe, but this is my final letter home. I made a video, so that I can remember this moment exactly. This week was really fun, and bittersweet.

For my final digital story I decided to do like a hybrid format. At first I was thinking a video, but I realized that recently I had been doing TONS of videos and audio creations. Writing has and will always be a strong storytelling tool, so I wrote it out. Of course with embedding links, videos, and tweets in it lol. The evolution of storytelling is shown through it I feel. How its no longer sentences, but videos, tweets, pictures on flickr, material from different blogs. It is so lively. I really went crazy with my story though, but hey- isn’t that what DS106 is all about? …

There you have it. My final video home. It was really tough shutting that camera off. I’ve come to realize that I’m a DS106er #4life as Martha so puts it. I plan to continue to be active when I can. Even if its something as simple as a daily create here and there. I also plan to do something else for DS106, BUT I won’t give that away. If it falls through though I’ll blog it, and hopefully ALL DS106ers will know about it :)

This course has been a real game changer for me. I feel like despite set backs throughout it- from work to family issues- my directors really helped me get through everything. They were understanding and showed me that it all really was about MY journey. And I’m proud to say I got through it to the end. All my work on here is a representation of who I am; they are all pieces of my views, experiences, and personality.

My advice for future DS106ers….

Until next time campers.


Monday, July 30th, 2012

I created this assignment, for the Mash Up section. I would say this assignment is worth 3-4 stars. Go through all your DS106 videos and create a blooper reel!

I went through the old unedited videos I had, and I had tons of mishaps and taken out parts. I put them all together and got this awesome final product…


  • 1. Open all old video files that might or could have some mess-ups in them. For camp or otherwise.
  • 2. Upload them into a video editor ( I used VideoPad)
  • 3. snip through the ‘good’ stuff, and keep all the funny moments, mess-ups, and behind the scenes material.
  • 4. Mix them up all together in random order. Slow scenes down, speed them up, give them special affects as you please.
  • 5. Add an introductory title to your reel
  • 6. Post and enjoy!!

This Assignment really ment a lot to me. It was a reminder of all the fun I had during DS106, and was very funny to watch. I love bloopers from films that I watch, so I figured why wouldn’t I have bloopers myself?!

Camp Magic Macguffin: Creativity Camp or Creativity Vamp.??!!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

On May 21, 2012 I started on what would be one of my most interesting college experiences. I was a little nervous, but also excited. Little did I know what I was getting into though.

Week 1 of camp went by pretty smooth, everyone was really nice and welcoming. We got introduced to all this new technology and sites. SoundCloud, flickr, twitter, the works. It was all cool.

Week 2 we had to setup our sites and WordPress. We got introduced and more acquainted with very interesting characters. Our counselors were a very diverse and interesting crowd. Some of them seemed weird to me, but who was I to judge. And some of the people at camp had odd names like “Hatchet jack” , “Joe Beets” , and “Slide Guy!”. I began to question if all of them were even real people. Oddly enough though, Alan had dissapeared from camp and Martha seemed really worried. Things were starting to get weird, he was being dodgy. But don’t take my word for it see for yourself…

All of this was very unsettling. And I remember even earlier Alan mentioning something about an ELECTRIC FENCE?!! Why would we need an electric fence… at camp? Despite All these weird going-ons, I overlooked them. I was enjoying myself at camp, was very bogged down with my UMW course as well as my camp assignments.

Week 3 focused on visual assignments, which was awesome. I think I discovered a new passion for photography, but also discovered that there really was more going on at camp than meets the eye. In the councelor video for that week, Martha (this was when they THOUGHT they were off air) was clearly frustrated and thrown off. She still hadn’t seen Alan. And he was so indifferent to it, he could see her upset, and just threw her off. There video kept going through all this weird electric interference as if there session was being tapped or something. It was then I decided to keep an eye/ear/monitor open to stuff, thinking I could figure out what was going on. What was in that sachel that Alan had anyway??

I also noticed tension between members. “Jim Groom” who I’ve heard through rumors was some kind of DS106 Guru, maybe even the creator was being a bit of a jerk as well. One of the councelors seemed to be very outspoken though, towards him and anyone who was  acting up.


I think it wasn’t in her best interest to do so though now that I look back on it…

Week 4 we started on our Design stuff. These assignments were getting tougher, but I enjoyed them. My creative juices were really flowing. But things were still off, I noticed Martha was still complaining that she hadn’t seen Alan in 2 weeks. What kind of directors don’t see each other in 2 weeks?! Alan kept making these claims of working in shed #4 w/ “Marco”. What was in shed #4 anyways? and why did it seem so off limits to Martha? Alan kept acting really goofy too, like he was high or something. He kept making a joke out of everything and just brushed Martha’s inquiries aside.

That week Zazzy the cooky councelor completely dissapeared off the blogging map. Her last blog post was June 14 – a Thursday. Last she was talking about some bad sloppy joes she had eaten and was just all kinds of off. I then noticed that others were beginning to dissapear too. Councelors, campers… it was all weird. Even Hatchet Jack, who I thought was in on some weird consipiracy dissapeared the same day as Zazzy. His last tweet:

At this point I was nervous, and slightly scared. I decided to continue to stay low key and just blog along like I was unaware of anything. Better to play it safe, and assume the role of the dummy. 

Week 5 we started on audio assignments. Which was really outside my comfort zone, but I went with it. I was being challenged day in and day out to be more and more creative in different ways. Alan also claimed to have fell down some hole, and went missing for 4 days. He tried convincing Martha that he didn’t have cell phone reception so couldn’t call her, yet he had his laptop with him! He even used the internet to blog… if he did that, why didn’t he use the internet to tweet for help? I wasn’t buying it, and neither was Martha. She was furious at this point. I was a bit afraid that she would dissapear too.

Week 6 was a continuation of our audio unit. Campers were cranking out creations every day. It was awesome, we got hit by a crazy storm and lost power for days. Some, but not all of us apparently. After I got my electricity back (after 5 days of torture!) I dug up some videos. Peep this ….

Martha got Alan to take her to Shed #4!! How did she go from not seeing any wiring or electricity or ANYTHING but dirt and mold… to just going along with everything?! What was it that Alan showed her? I was getting frustrated at this point, while we were jollily making radio shows…. crazy stuff was going on at camp. I wasn’t going to be a sitting duck, I made it a point to get to the buttom of everything. But all in due time…

Week 7 and 8 we did video assignments at camp. Those 2 weeks were the most time comsuming and busy. We really were creatively challenged. And I feel like all the campers really went all out with there work. Funny thing was it was during those 2 weeks that I uncovered the strangest stuff. I noticed Martha itching her neck, it looked as if something had punctured it. She was no longer herself either, going along with everything. Almost coming off as robotic, she was also very very paranoid it seemed. Always looking around, what had those CVI guys done to her? The beloved, opinionated, fiery Martha was gone. I knew it for sure. The lake was sometimes glowing, a weird orangish color. I saw a video I think i wasn’t supose to of Martha telling Alan that she got “orange glow” on her, but washed it off. Alan just reassured her that they said there were no side effects. Who was they? – the CVI guys?

At this point I found out that Martha was going to Shed #4 a lot, almost like she was obsessed with it. I remembered though Alan telling her weeks ago that it was only recommended to be in there once a day for a short period of time. Rumors of a spaceship sighting in the lake were also circulating, as well as sightings of Alan at Arizona and up north. What CVI some government thing? Dealing with Aliens or something? Why is such a huge company investing so heavily into little old Camp Magic Macguffin and our directors?

Week 9 was remix week. My creative paradigm was completely restructured. It was an amazing week for camp, our creativity was at unimaginable levels. I noticed a lot of feedback and praise from Alan too. I noticed that he paid particular attention to my camp activities, much more so that Martha. Was Martha mad at me? or did she not like my work? I was questioning the situation. Soon enough though I would find out the truth.

This is the end of week 10. I don’t really know what will happen to me after this post. I think that they might be on to me at this point, and if they aren’t… well they sure as hell are going to be after seeing this. Alan has been commenting on my stuff like crazy, NOT because he likes it. But because it is fueling camp. Even “Martha” did so too. Not in a metaphorical way, in a literal one. I lost my glasses going down the tunnel, and almost got caught doing this. But it was well worth it, the WORLD needs to know the TRUTH!!

I may not have all the answers, but I know enough now. And this should be enough for you too, don’t get too deep. These things never end well my friends.

My only wish: If they manage to do me in, may I go to Thug Mansion Blog Mansion.

Letter Home: Week 9

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Second to last week… unbelievable.

I did a lot this week, and really creatively challenged myself. I found it especially interesting to take other people’s creations and recreate them into something that was distinctly mines. It really brought to light a very important part of DS106, and the concept of an online identity and community. We don’t only create for ourselves, we do so in order to inspire others to. This Remix/Mashup section of camp I believe is the very heart of DS106….

My 7 Day Challenge

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This was an awesome challenge issued by our director Alan. The challenge was to do 7 (or more) daily creates in a row. It was tough, but I did it!! Peep the creatives my friends: Day 1: To draw a tornado: I used some photo editing magic ;)

tornado in Cairo

Day 2: To take make a photo of an outdoor scene free of any human artifacts..

outdoor scene free of any human artifacts

did some editing… to age it and enhance its earthy look. To find places like this is truly a rarity, even ‘of old’ to some degree. Maybe one day all we will truly have is pictures…

Day 3: Make/take a video of what is playing on channel 106 on your cable…

Day 4: Record an annoying Telemarketing Voicemail

This was really funny to do, I always do this accent w/ my friends. It never ceases to make us laugh, so it was only right I use it.

Day 5: Tell camp about technology you can’t live without…

I know I know… I probably sounded super nerdy in the video. But I just really love my watches, and my time. ALL the cool kids where watches anyways (that’s free advice for ya)

Day 6: Flip the Decibels—> Making a soft sound loud… crushing paper

Day 7: Picture of Attraction…

Attraction of Tape

ahh the attraction of tape lol And that concludes my 7 day challenge!

All Hands on Deck…

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

I did a remix of an audio assignment that I had actually done previously. The remix button gave me this remix take on it : I had to an imitation of weather audio clip previously done and use it to create an advertisment or a recruiting tool for ds106. I liked it, because I’ve really grown passionate about DS106 and figured I could have some fun with it. I went through a few of the examples by other DS106ers… trying to brainstorm which one I would use, and how I would structure my remix around it. Most of the examples were of rain, storms, water, etc. After listening to the clip on this blog while closing my eyes, i imagined something being flooded slowly. It was an assignment done in the spring by Katherine. I had image of being flooded w/ ‘regular’ classes, and how refreshing DS106 was from all of that.

Then came the idea to give it a pirate’s theme. I love pirates.. pirate movies, pirate slang, eye patches, the works (did you know that facebook has a pirate language setting?!?!). I decided to record myself attempting a pirate accent, I think I struggled a bit with it but it was tons of fun. I was laughing at myself while doing this assignment, but I think I got the message across. Enough of reading this though… stop. And listen to this Ad:

If I heard this before I registered for DS106, I would be very curious to see what it was all about. Also to find out what kind of class brought a student to make something as crazy as this. It was interesting taking something another student created using materials around her, and making it into something completely different… the basis of creativity is on display here I like to think. The fact that this example was not even done during this session, but by a student that I don’t know and took this course journey last spring, I think is an even strong testament to how amazing and far reaching DS106 is.

Shout out to the original creator of this assignment… you’ve inspired new and fresh work here.

What is a Remix?

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

I’ve wrote my whole shpeel on remixes a while back, but after looking at more material and examples I think I have an even better grasp of it. First I watched “Everything is a Remix Part 1“. This was really interesting to because I love music.

The video went through different genre’s of music, and showed how they used different lyrics, beats, melodies and baselines from other genre’s past… and ‘remixed’ them. Not always giving credit though. I am personally for giving credit where credit is due. But I still think it a creative act. The presentation of this remixed work is still very original. Led Zeppelin presented those lyrics to an audience that was more than likely unfamiliar with the works of Willie Dixon, Howlin Wolfs, etc.

The other video and website I checked out was that for the book by Austin Klean- “Steal like an Artist.” It showed a very positive view on ‘remixing’ and how it was the very essence of creativity. He does show that there is a good and bad way to “steal” though!

Remixing is the very essence of creativity I feel, and it leads to very interesting (sometimes interesting as in… just plain funny) creations. Watching the Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed and the Star Wars Call Me Maybe videos was a ton of fun. They are creations not made for crazy profiteering, they were made out of a creative passion. They were funny and amusing. The Star Wars video is NOT the Star Wars movie or the original ‘Call Me Maybe’ song, it is something completely different and unique. Same thing with the Twilight remix. Another was the 30 Classic Music Albums Recreated with Lego. This is very original work! It is taking the albums and presenting them in a manner that is brand new and fresh. It re-expresses them.

Remixing can be done negatively, but many times it can be done in an ethical and positive manner. Where that line is drawn is very relative and maybe even a bit vague… but so are most things concerning knowledge I think. If it wasn’t for remixing, we wouldn’t most music that is out, we wouldn’t have different models of cars, different computer brands, smartphones, even fashion… so for the sake of everything… I say we remix on.

A double stuffed BUFFALAX

Friday, July 27th, 2012

As I was searching for videos to add subtitles to for this assignment, I randomly ran across this one and new it was perfect! It’s like a double stuffed oreo buffalax.

So check this- It’s a video of an African man singing a Hindi song… then both him and his Indian friend (who is shooting the video) proceed to talk in English. He expresses his love for India and Hindi music.

First lets get a little deep, put on your scuba-gear please…

Scuba Gear

This video is a beautiful example of identity, globalization, and expression. This is a Hindi song being song by a man who has never been to India, and is of a culture thousands of miles away from it. Yet he sings it beautifully, and you can see how much he loves it. An Indian man is filming this. This alone is showing how people of cultures thousands of miles away are so connected through something like music. Also that they both communicate via English. A language not even originated in either of there cultures. This is also a show of globalization (as well as colonialism, I’m going to take a wild guess and state that there connection was probably made during the age of colonialism. Probably both colonized by the British back in the day- India definitely was). While I’m no fan of colonialism, I see a beautiful mashup of cultures here.

Now for my creation…

-My brother in this video needs some bengay bengay

- He thinks its pierre, but changes his mind and decides its booger

- It is numb, his son is numb, Taryka (his girl?) is numb… he needs more (bengay)

… As you can all see this is serious. Someone help the man….


Friday, July 27th, 2012

So after taking part in the 7 day challenge , I decided it was only right to also do its mash-up assignment. At first I had no idea where to even start… so I started going through the daily create archive. As I viewed creation after creation, it sort of bloomed into the idea that is my mash up. The recipe:

- 8 Daily Creates[email protected]/7594034384/ <– catipilar pic <— water lapping sound <– took some water scene from this one <— ocean prop telemarket <– ocean pic <— tornadoe on ocean pic <—- shaky cup in storm clip <— wind and rain

- a little voice recording

- VideoPad Video Editor (shout out to Chanda for exposing me to it!) <– check out her blog its awesome!

- some cool transitions

- a sprinkle of humor

I took a telemarketing sound clip, and cut it off with a rude warning of a storm. There have been storm warnings almost every other day here in Northern Va for the past few weeks, so it was only right.