Explosions Reported at Site of Camp Magic Macguffin

Details are just coming in, but residents of nearby Coleville, Virginia reported hearing a loud series of explosions coming from the location of Camp Magic Macguffin. Fortunately, all of the campers and counselors had gone home. The premises are sealed behind iron gates, but reporters have been leaked this video which tells the final story of camp.

The question is, how will ds106 going without the creative energy generator of the supply of ZoneStone that had resided in Shed #4? And what happened to Martha and Alan? Are they alive? Are they trapped in Minecraft?

And why are suspects such as Joe Beets, Slide Guy, Jim Groom, Uncle Hector, etc not even commenting to the press? Their silence alone raises grave questions as to their character. In the end we have many questions.

The UMW student campers have each investigated and reported on their findings in their final projects.

They based their stories on the known material collected in this Storify collection of narrative elements. So we ask you our audience, to help advance the theories- WHO IS BEHIND CAMP MAGIC MACGUFFIN? and WHAT IS ITS REAL PURPOSE?

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