Week Eight: Will Video Never END?!

Welcome to the eighth week of Camp Magic MacGuffin. Is everyone homesick yet? Enjoying the camp food? Any funny rashes or bug bites you want to share?

This week will mark the second week of our work with video, and, for the most part, you’ll be continuing the work that you should have started last week. If you didn’t start it last week? Uh, oh.

Read below the fold to find out all the details of what you must complete by midnight on Sunday, July 15.

Complete 10 Stars of Video Assignments

You need to complete 10 stars worth of video assignments from the Assignment Repository. You can pick any assignments you want this week. The pre-production work you should have completed on two assignments last week should help you get a leg up; complete those two assignments as part of your 10 star requirement, and make use or the plans you blogged about.

Working with video is HARD, for a variety of reasons. As such, we’ve created a few tutorials and gathered some resources together for you. We highly recommend that you review these before you get started — and especially if you get stuck.

In addition, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY TO DO THIS WORK. We repeat: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY!! We can pretty much guarantee that at some point you will run into some problems or difficulties, and if you wait until the last minute, there’s a good chance you will not get be able to solve your problems or get the help you need. To that end: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING LATE WORK FROM UMW STUDENTS ON THIS UNIT!! Start now, work consistently, and plan enough time to get your assignments done.

A checklist of things to keep in mind as you do your work:

  • You must write a blog post for each assignment you complete -= keep in mind the criteria for writing up assignments, and keep your focus on the storytelling aspect of your work. What is the story?
  • You must take a few screenshots of your software work space (in whatever movie editor you use) and include it in your blog posts. This is new — we’ve never asked you to do this before, so don’t forget!!
  • Make use of the ability to add, overlay, or replace the audio tracks- and remember that you might want to record /edit audio in Audacity, and save as mp3, wav, or aif to be used in importing into your video editor.
  • Make the video a standalone feature- be sure to add a title screen and closing credits that give credit to any sources of images, audio, or video.
  • Videos must be uploaded to a video service like YouTube or Vimeo (Vimeo is a good option if your work gets flagged on Youtube as a copyright violation). DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO TO YOUR WEB SITE. (It will be too big, and you will run out of space).
  • Videos must be embedded into your blog post so that we can play them right there on the page. Do not just link; that is not the #ds106 way!

If your video gets flagged by YouTube for a copyright violation you can dispute it!

Due: Sunday, July 15 at Midnight

What’s Original in Movies Reflection

In addition, you need to complete the following reflective assignment this week.

The movies we see today very often represent a newer iteration of movies from the past, yet film experts help us identify how frequent movies borrow from what came before. We want you to consider the idea of originality, starting with one of a four part video series by Kirby Ferguson, Everything is a Remix:

After watching this (and take note of the video style used here as well), write a blog post about this notion – is everything a remix? What movies have you seen that you think are uniquely original? How? What does it mean if much of what we enjoy seeing in our entertainment is a remix of what came before?

For more additional resources on this concept, you might want to review:

Tag this post: OriginalVideo.

Due: Sunday, July 15 at Midnight

Daily Creates

Complete at least 2 daily creates this week!! Make sure you blog about them at the end of the week.

Due: On the day of the assignment and then summarized by Sunday, July 15 at Midnight.

Letter Home

Your letter home this week should be a video. Given that you will have some mad video editing skills by the end of the week, we expect this to include at least three clips (these can be from your completed assignments or elsewhere) edited into the video of you talking about your week’s experiences.

Also, make sure there is some context to your blog post when you post the video, it should make sense to explain what the video represents (e.g. an introduction to the video). If you came across this blog post via a link or search on the web, would you know what it is about?

You should also have links to the blog post that you reference in the video- there is no easy way for people to see your work from the video itself.

Due: Sunday, July 15 at Midnight.

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