Listening to the Radio Shows

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Over the past two nights we have broadcast the radio shows created by our campers out to ds106 radio via the Magic Macguffin PA system- with over 20 people tuning in each note from several countries. The shows will be put into the auto DJ rotation but are listed here for anyone that wishes to hear them.

Monday Night Shows

The Morning After the Apocalypse (Bunk 5: Digiouijas)

Ways to Make Summer Memories (Bunkhouse 3/Naked Lunch Bunch)

Of Bananas, Coconuts, and Organ Grinders: The Influence of Monkeys on Human Civilization (Bunk One: The Monkey House)

Tuesday Night Shows

Entire show (2.5 hours including conversations with Jennifer Orr and Mike Berta)

A Tourist’s World (Bunkhouse 4/Slaughterhouse 4)

Zombie Free Radio DS106 (Bunkhouse 2/Wäscälly Wäbbits)

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by The Rocketeer

Kudos to all the work done by our teams of UMW students and open online participants – here is snapshot of locations of our audience Tuesday night:

2 Responses to “Listening to the Radio Shows”

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  2. Chanda says:

    Thanks so much for posting these links. I missed Tuesday night’s show, as it was my birthday and we already had other plans. Still trying to avoid my boyfriend hearing our Zombie Free Radio show. I didn’t tell him he had gone missing for more than 12 hours in my segment! LoL. Looking forward to listening to the entire broadcast myself though! 🙂