Listen to Group Radio Shows LIVE on ds106radio

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Tonight and tomorrow night it is the premier of the Camp Magic Macguffin group produced radio shows live on ds106 radio. The schedule is below; note that we will have one person from each team present on the radio to talk about the show and its production (all times are EST).

Spread the word! Show up and support your campers. If you miss the shows, we will be adding them to the ds106radio rotation, but it is most exciting to be there LIVE.


Did you miss the live shows? No worries, we have an archive for you!

How to Listen

All ways to listen are summarized in the ds106 radio info document, here are some ways you can tune in to the live stream:

Be sure to follow (and participate) in the twitter conversation, via the #ds106 hash tag.

cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by rafeejewell

As an alternative, @Cris2B is setting up a listening area to gather in Second Life, consider it a way to gather around the virtual ds06 radio

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