Radio, Radio, Radio. Week Six.

This is the week for your major audio storytelling collaborative project – a group radio show. This is not something you should leave for the end of the week!

You need to be working ASAP on your group’s radio show; see details below. In addition to this work, we want you to learn more about ds106 radio be becoming a listener and continue your daily creates (2 this week).

Group Radio Show Projects

Your teams have been formed, but what must be done immediately (by end of day Monday, June 25) is to identify a theme for your show and add it to your team’s area on the google doc.

Each person on the team will individually create their own audio portion (up to five minutes) portion of the show as part of theme. What might a theme be? Maybe it is “What I did this summer?” or “Fast Cars” or “Favorite Places” or “People I Wish I met” or …

Your audio segment should not only include voice, but also make use of music and sound effects to emphasize the setting or action. In your editing software, try and layer sounds on different audio tracks to create a sound space. An important tip for sharing your files on SoundCloud is to make sure you have the download option enabled for your track (edit the track, and look at the bottom for “Advanced Options”). This is the only way your editor can download and assemble your clips.

In addition, each team member should make an audio bumper (15-30 second audio promo) for their show- similar to the ds106 radio bumper assignment but this one is specific to your show.

One person will need to be the Editor– instead of doing an individual story, the Editor will create an introduction (preferrably with music), a closing wrap up, and a short introduction to each individual story. The editor will also have to assemble the final show into a single mp3 file we can play on ds106 radio.

The radio shows will be broadcast next Monday and Tuesday nights live on ds106 radio (July 2 and 3). One person form the team will have to be present as the Host to talk a little about the show, so reserve the time slot now by picking a date and time on the broadcast doc and let us know who will be host.

To summarize, what needs to be done this week for the radio show by midnight SUNDAY JULY 1:

  • Groups must identify their show theme, title, and indicate who will be host on the google doc
  • Groups must select a preferred time and date in Google doc to have their show broadcast live on July 2 or July 3
  • Each individual will create an mp3 audio bumper for their show, upload to Soundcloud (set download enabled property), and write a blog post about it including what some narrative about what it suggests (tagged RadioShowBumper). In addition, upload a copy to ds106 radio via (pass=wejamecono)
  • The final radio shows must be uploaded by the Team editor to ds106 radio via (pass=wejamecono)

Listening to ds106 Radio

Understanding audio storytelling and the concept of radio means also learning how to be a participant by listening to ds106 radio. There are a number of methods to listen listed in the main radio document – the easy ne to try is a direct link in your web browser

The way ds106 radio works is that normally it plays through a preset list of audio content (Auto DJ), but if anyone does a live broadcast, it will cut off the AutoDJ. Your assignment this week is to listen to at least an hour of ds106 radio, most preferably to a live broadcast and write a blog post about your experience.

How do you know what is on the radio? First of all on twitter, start following @ds106rado – this is an automated “bot” coded a few years ago by a ds106 student, and it polls the stream to announce that there is something new playing. You should also bookmark the radio status page, which lets you know what is currently playing.

When listening to the radio, send tweets to the person hosting the stream to let them know you are listening. be sure to include your own tweet into your blog post; if you have updated to the latest version of WordPress, you can do this easily by simply pasting in the URL for your individual tweet, like:

which produces

Your listening assignment this week:

  • Listen to at least an hour of ds106 radio this week, try to listen when there is someone doing a live broadcast. We will be aiming to do a 1 hour show Tuesday and Thursday nights at 8:00pm EST featuring some of the best of previous ds106 radio show work.
  • Make sure you tweet (and get the URL for your tweet) that you are listening, talk to the DJ!
  • Write a blog post about the experience. Check the server status page to how many other people are listening, include this info in your post.
  • Tag your blog post “RadioListening”

Daily Create: 

Complete 2 DCs this week. Remember, these should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete! And today’s one is an easy audio assignment.

Letter Home: 

For your letter home this week, create another audio letter  — make a recording of your letter, and incorporate sound effects to emphasize your story and experiences. In your blog post where you embed this write a short intro to set up the audio letter.


Campfire this Wednesday is on Wednesday June 27th at 400 PM EST in Minecraft/Teamspeak. If you’re coming you must wear headphones!!!! If we mute you it’s not because we don’t like you — it’s because you’re causing feedback. 😉

Preparing for Next Week:

It’s been a quick and intense two weeks of audio editing, next week we move into doing video storytelling. You might want to review what, if any, video editing software came pre-installe din your computer (iMovie on Mac OSX and Windows Movie Maker on PCs),

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