What does AWESOME Sound Like? Welcome to Week Five.

Camp is going to take a dramatic turn this week as we delve into a new form of storytelling and media making: for the next two weeks we’ll be working with audio, and your job as campers is to keep up!

You have a number of things to do this week, starting with some audio resources you need to review. Then, we’ve got a slate of assignments for you to start working on so that you can get comfortable with audio. You also have your standard Daily Creates and letter home. Finally, you’ll be organizing into groups this week in preparation for next week’s lionshare of work: creating and producing a radio show to be broadcast on DS106 Radio!

Audio Resources for Review:

  •  Watch all four parts of Ira Glass’ Series on storytelling (all together they’re about 20 minutes): Part One; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four
  • Listen to this episode of This American Life (an amazing hour-long radio show on National Public Radio) and write a post reflecting on the storytelling in the episode, particularly with regards to Glass’ videos.
  • Review this list of audio resources. These will come in handy as you do your projects for the next two weeks.
  • Learn more about DS106 Radio and how to tune in to it! This is where your final radio shows will be broadcast at the end of next week. You’re also creating a bumper for it this week, so you need to familiarize yourself with it.


Complete the following audio assignments plus five more stars worth from the Audio category in the Assignment Repository:

Preparing for Next Week:

Self-organize into groups of 5-7 students (UMW and Open Online students) to create radio shows next week. If possible, focus on creating groups with your bunkmates first, but feel free to branch out and join other groups if not enough people in your bunk are available. Organize these groups by Thursday!  Use this Google Doc to organize and list your groups and their members.

By Sunday, each group should have also picked a theme for their radio shows. Themes can be any topic or idea, but we recommend they be broad enough to allow people to creatively interpret them for their show segment.

Daily Create: 

Complete 3 DCs this week. Remember, these should take no longer than 5-10 minutes to complete!

Letter Home: 

For your letter home this week, create an audio letter  — make a recording of your letter, and incorporate sound effects to emphasize your story and experiences.


Campfire this Wednesday is on Thursday the 20th at 11:00AM EST in Minecraft/Teamspeak. If you’re coming you must wear headphones!!!! If we mute you it’s not because we don’t like you — it’s because you’re causing feedback. 😉

BONUS Preview of Next Week: 

Next week each group will be producing a radio show. In each group, each person is “responsible” for 5-7 excellent minutes of the radio show. If they want to work in pairs, the minutes add up (2 people = 10-14 minutes, etc.) Ideally, the final shows should then be between 25 and 50 minutes.

In addition, each person will have to complete a 15-30 second “bumper” for their radio show. (Note, this is a bumper for your show as opposed to the bumpers you’re create this week which are bumpers for DS106 Radio.)

A radio marathon will happen at the end of next week when we’ll play everyone’s shows on the air on DS106 Radio.

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