Bunkhouse X at Camp Magic MacGuffin


We are pleased to announce the opening of a new bunkhouse at Camp Magic MacGuffin. Bunkhouse X (formal name TBD) was formed today, under the leadership of Mr. Jim Groom (formerly of Bunkhouse 5, the DigiOuijas). We believe that this move positions Mr. Groom to fulfill a leadership role at Camp that he craves. We are certain he will move quickly to name the new bunkhouse and decide on a logo.

Furthermore, Bunkhouse X will be the bunkhouse for any and all late camp arrivals. We already have a few new campers assigned to the house, and we anticipate more to come.

As a further clarification, let us emphasize that we fully trust all of our camp counselors to mange their houses and maintain decorum.

Please welcome Bunkhouse X and our newest counselor to Camp.

–Your camp co-directors, Alan & Martha


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