Welcome to Camp Magic Macguffin

Greetings Campers! We’re so excited to be gearing up for the start of this summer’s Camp Magic MacGuffin edition of DS106! Camp starts in two weeks on May 21st, and we want to make sure all of the campers have the information they need to prepare for this summer adventure.

First, we’d like you to take a moment to watch our introductory video. We filmed it last week on the grounds of the camp, so it’s a great opportunity to get to know us (your camp directors), see the beautiful location we’ll be living in, and learn more about what we have in store.

Next, you probably want to review the Summer Camp Program (also known as a “Syllabus“) and our Recommended Packing List. Both of these will give you more information about the structure of camp and the necessities that you need to begin assembling.

Finally, when you’re ready to get set up on the camp site, we need you to fill out this Registration Form and follow the instructions that are provided in it.

If you have any questions, you can contact us on Twitter (@mburtis and @cogdog) or by email (mburtisATumwDOTedu and alevineATumwDOTedu).


6 Responses to “Welcome to Camp Magic Macguffin”

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  2. Brian Short says:

    “Keep it cool for grandma.”

    Totally solid advice.

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  5. leelzebub says:

    I am so excited! I love that we are bringing Minecraft into DS106 this summer. 😀 Koombayah, campers!

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