Welcome to Camp Magic MacGuffin (Additional Information for Open, Online Participants)

We wanted to make a special announcement for our open, online participants in this summer’s DS106 camp experience. To be clear, “Open, Online” participants are those crazy folks who want to be a part of DS106 but who aren’t credit-seeking students at UMW.

And we are so delighted that you’re interested in coming to camp with us! This short video will give you some additional information about what to expect (you should also watch the longer introduction inour main Welcome post).

If you are new to this open course, we have some key info for you! See How to Succeed as an Open Participant in ds106 (with really trying)

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  1. […] our UMW students. Others who interested in participating should check out our welcome video and our special video for open, online students. You can also review the syllabus and packing list. And, if you’re really dying to know […]