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Dear Jimmy, (missing home)

This was the first week at camp, one like you could never have known. You couldn’t have, you were far too young to know what I don’t know now. You were a kid on Long Island’s South Shore. You might have gone to Montauk or Cape Cod, but this week… Continue reading


Three Wolf Moon

Three Wolf Moon, a photo by snakepliskens on Flickr.
For today’s Daily Create which asks us to represent the moon somehow, I immediately thought of the Three Moon Wolf shirt, which is an internet phenomenon that Tom Woodward turned me onto more than a year ago. In short, the Amazon… Continue reading


Three Chinese Officials in front of duPont Hall

For today’s Daily Create I photoshopped in the Three Chinese Officals meme which actually doubles as a design assignment (3 stars—which is far too many for this!). I love the idea of three hovering Chinese government officials congregating in front of duPont wondering what’s going to come out of the… Continue reading

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