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Product Review

This is a review of my iHome, I love this thing besides my computer and cell phone this is probably my most useful object because it wakes me up when I need to get up and it keeps my Ipod charged and I love my music so without it I… Continue reading

Pranks are best done in SILENCE

More video assignments! This time it is a silent movie! When I was looking at this last week I was stuck on which film clip I should use for my silent movie. The last comment on the assignment page said “Get creative and choose a movie that would look most… Continue reading

You Just Got Served!

One of the video assignments for this week was to do a play by play commentary on well….anything. In the description of the assignment were the words “funny video” and I thought of a music video. Now this may seem like an unlikely parallel thought to most, but not to… Continue reading

Everything’s a Remix?

This is week 2 of video analysis in ds106. Taking a look at the video series Everything is a Remix by Kirby Ferguson, we see that the same or similar ideas are repeated over and over, through decades and eras in movies. This concept is reinforced by last weeks study… Continue reading

The Departed Goes Silent

I thought this assignment was very cool and creative. I decided to make the retro fit the departed to appear to be a silent movie. The first thing I did was download movie clips and trailers from YouTube using Real Player and then put them into Windows Movie Maker. I… Continue reading

Remixing Everything

When I first saw this assignment I thought it was solely about how Hollywood re makes movies constantly oh was I surprised. The part that really stuck out to me was when they referenced Star Wars because to me Star Wars was as original as it gets. The author of… Continue reading

Pulp Fiction Dance RE-DUB

Although I said I was originally going to re dub the John Wayne movie I decided to do the dance scene from Pulp fiction. I decided this because on Monday I found myself watching Pulp Fiction for the hundredth time probably and I was reminded of this scene. The way… Continue reading

What Makes Me Laugh

This clip always makes me laugh because growing up playing soccer and now coaching some rec soccer some of the stuff is not to far off. This movie really made me laugh because so many people take youth soccer far to serious and this movie basically makes fun of all… Continue reading

The Gardening

Meanwhile back in Camp Magic MacGuffin we are working on video projects and editing. I was eager to try out the Send a Camp Movie to Camp project after speaking with Alan during our radio programs.
As it turns out the Buffalo, NY was the shooting location for a movie… Continue reading

Video Killed the Radio Star in Week 7

This letter home is in video, where I inserted some pictures and text into my video letter home. Still feeling my way through the video editing tools so it’s a little crude. It will get better as the assignments move into production, I’m sure. And I hope I’m looking (and… Continue reading