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Radio Campfire Show

Via Flickr with thanks to r_rahul

Last night Ben Harwood and Ben Rimes joined me to put on a DS106/MagicMacguffin Radio Campfire. We were graced with stories and songs that helped us enjoy our time.
The appeal of Internet Radio is unexpected. I previously hosted a podcast and blog about… Continue reading

Mashing Up Daily Creates

I accepted cogdog’s challenge last week to do daily creates every day for seven days. As of today, I’m going on 8, but I haven’t done today’s yet. Anyway, since issuing his challenge there has been more consistent participation on The Daily Create site, so the timing was good to… Continue reading

9 Lives Remixed Dr. Seuss Style

So I used the remix generator and it gave me a remix of the 9 Lives assignment and the twist was to use an aspect of a Dr.Seuss character. I chose to use the Grinch as my character and I found different pictures of the character online and labeled them… Continue reading

Lord of 300 Rings

For this I chose to combine two of my favorite scenes from both movies, I used the sound of the last scene from the movie “300″ and the visual from Lord of The Rings Return of the King. Both of these scenes are similar because they are Pre battle inspirational… Continue reading

Exs in Texas

For my music mapped video I chose to do the George Strait “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” I chose this songs because I really like George Straits music and this song. For me I found it difficult to get the google maps into Video pad, the way I was… Continue reading

What a Week!!!

Wow, what a week! Video activities in ds106 have kept me very busy. Add a full-time job, a concussion, and various other issues this week and I’m almost surprised I survived…with my sanity at least!

Recap of this week’s activities and blogs:

Grant Me Serenity…
Grown Ups Play Arrow Roulette… Continue reading

Stepping up to the Daily Create Challenge!

This week in the world of Daily Creates, cogdog expressed his frustration with lack of consistent participation with The Daily Create and issued a 7-day Daily Create Challenge. Rising to his challenge, I worked to complete the Daily Creates daily, everyday. And here’s what I came up with:
tdc184—Take a… Continue reading

Videos Videos and more VIDEOS

Below is my video for week 8 and my 2 daily creates! This is basically a recap of a weeks worth of assignments for my ds106 class. I had to do edit three videos, watch a video clip by Kirby Ferguson, and create 2 pictures.… Continue reading

Sharing is Caring

One of our assignment was to watch a four part series on the notion that everything is a remix. Which after watching I agree, especially with the idea of the basic elements of creativity: Copy-Transform-Combine. We make adjustments to old ideas or inventions to create new ones. I don’t think… Continue reading

As Easy as Making Dresses

For my last few stars worth of video assignments I chose to do an assignment called “Watching TV With The Stereo On.” I was trying to think of a movie clip to do for this assignment and since one of my other video assignments was from a Disney Movie, I… Continue reading