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Wrapping Up Daily Creates for Camp

I have enjoyed The Daily Creates of ds106 and will strive for continued participation in this creative outlet even after my educational enrollment in the ds106 curriculum comes to an end. Here are the 3 daily create assignments I completed for the last week of ds106 and Camp MacGuffin…
tdc198… Continue reading

Your Big Break

I created this assignment because I just got the idea for this assignment when I was sorting my CDs looking at how different all the album covers are and thought it would be a good idea for an assignment to create your own album cover, I felt like this would… Continue reading

Deserted Island… Tutorial

This is a Tutorial to complete the Deserted Island Design Assignment using the Program Paint or something similar.
Step 1: Open paint and choose a background color using the paint bucket icon.
(You can also find a picture you want to be your background online, then download it and right… Continue reading

9 Lives Tutorial

This is a Tutorial to complete the 9 Lives Assignment using a simple program like paint for example.
Step 1: Open Paint and choose your background color, use the bucket tool from the toolbar to color the background.
Step 2: Find the nine photos that you wish to use and… Continue reading

Daily Creates — Week 9

Another week gone like dust in the wind! Sorry to report that I fell off the daily create challenge this week, after completing 8 consecutive challenges, but here’s the 3 I did get published:
tdc190 – Flip the decibels. Make a loud sound soft, or a soft sound loud.

This… Continue reading

flickring clouds

Rolling the remix dice I get: haiku it up [remixed]: Media Bender — Remix Machine
Original assignment: haiku it up For the writing assignment, take a random Dailyshoot photograph and create a haiku using that image Remix Card: “Media Bender”: Change up the media for the original assignment- take a… Continue reading

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Back after AWOL

I’ve completely ducked out of DS106 for the last two weeks. Work, family and a week long conference meant I’ve not don anything for week 7, 8 or Week Nine: Remixing it Up — Camp Magic MacGuffin and didn’t do anything for the wonderful: Seven Day Daily Create Challenge.
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Here is my blog letter home for my Ds106 class, and basically all it is, is a summary of the things that I did this week.

My Daily Creates:… Continue reading

The Grinch Lives To Sled!

Th original assignment was to pick your favorite quote or make up your own phrase which describes a philosophy that you try to live by and to design a minimalism poster to reflect this. The remix part of the assignment was to add in an element of Dr. Seuss. So… Continue reading

Black Passion

For this assignment we had to mix together different movie posters to create one movie. I mixed up a picture of Natalie Portman from “Black Swan” and Johnny Depp from “Edward Scissorhands” to create my own movie poster entitled “Black Passion.”
I had no idea where to start for this… Continue reading