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Remixed Album Cover

Rihanna is my favorite artist(if you all haven’t noticed by now) and I know every single one of her songs. When I saw the album cover assignment, I knew exactly what to do. Rihanna has a song called “S&M” which in reference to sexual acts. It stands for Sadism and… Continue reading

Vintage Educational Video Project

I laid out my idea for a vintage educational video along with a script in this post, and only had to change a few little mistakes I made before recording the real thing.  My son John played the roll of “Johnny” and did a great job!  At 6 he is… Continue reading

Return to the Silent Era: Mean Girls

Please view my Pre-Production post to see how I first set up this video.
After completing the tasks mentioned, I then changed the video to black and white. The hardest part for me was figuring out how to slow down and fast forward the clips. They were both options under… Continue reading


Letter Home; Week 8

The BEST letter home.. = )… Continue reading

Audio Story

Observing how someone listen’s, looks, moves and interact with their surroundings demonstrates a person’s true nature. Sometimes it’s not what is being said, but what is being meant. Non-verbal cues are important to understand. For this audio assignment I created a story without containing any words. I am the ultimate… Continue reading

The Daily Create 185 – Draw a Tornado

First off… one week of TDC’s, challenge accepted CogDog.
Got a little carried away with my tornado drawing.  Started by wanting to add a real background, which I took with my iPad out the window of the car dealership waiting room I was in at the time.  Then I decided… Continue reading

Vintage Educational Video Project

This project sounds like great fun to me, and I figured I would mix the old style video with some current cutting edge science and tech. The video will be titled Curiosity: Your Friendly Robotic Explorer. My inital script is below, and the script itself kinda describes the graphics and… Continue reading

Carding a Deeper Me

My story is simple. A good girl, lost in a bad world. Not knowing whom to turn to and when. Wondering why no one understands that not all my days are good days. Even though I pretend as if they are.
When I saw this assignment, I thought about it… Continue reading

Animated Rock Starts

Phineas and Ferb is the best cartoon known to man. For those who aren’t big on cartoons, you should really consider watching it. It cones on at random times on Disney Channel and is on a lot. When I saw the assignment to animate a music video, I honestly almost… Continue reading

Sweet Music on DS106 Radio

Audio Assignment 36: Create a bumper for DS 106 Radio.
I had such a good time participating in the DS106 class radio productions. I think the satisfaction of making something out of nothing but a thin thought wisping through your mind is amplified ten-fold when it melds with those… Continue reading