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For this assignment, I had to take components from different movies and mash them up into one. It’s pretty cool. I was able to change anything, the title of the movie, the main image, the caption, etc. To do this assignment I began by browsing through my movies. I choice… Continue reading

Creativity for Hire?

I just finished my first commissioned video project. The “commissioned” aspect brought a whole perspective.
It’s not that the expectations were high. The professional association to which I have belonged since I became a teacher decades ago is doing a website makeover and wanted a video to promote the… Continue reading

Sing My Life

We all have that one song that describes our life. Sadly, most people are ashamed to tell how they REALLY feel. I know I personally don’t share too many of my secrets and hurts with people. I sometimes feel misunderstood but I try my hardest to maintain a positive attitude.… Continue reading

Pause [Four] A Moment

The first assignment I created, I wanted it to be simple yet fun. I thought about the daily creates we have done and just assignments in general.
I personally dislike taking pictures of myself. I am not a very photogenic person because I don’t really have that “beautiful look.” But… Continue reading

Mashup Those Movies

Cady talking about Regina in Mean Girls: “I have this theory that if you cut off all her hair she’d look like a British man.”

For my first Mashup Assignment, I chose Mashup Those Movies. Naturally, I chose a movie poster for Mean Girls and edited on Aviary. I Google… Continue reading


Remix This

REMIX: To combine or edit existing materials to produce something new.
For this write-up assignment, I watched Everything is a Remix, Part 1: The Song Remains the Same by Kirby Ferguson. Remix originally began in music. Now, remix happens everywhere. It’s easy to do and anyone can do it. The… Continue reading


Week 9 ; Daily Creates

“[Illustrate attraction in a photo]”

This is a photo of 2 bears that are in love, clearly they are “beary” attracted to each other.
“[Take a picture of yourself imitating some classic rage faces]”

I really don’t get mad, but my “rage” sometimes consist of me crossing my eyes.… Continue reading

Remix Assignment

For my remix assignment, I chose the “Re-brand ‘Em” Design Assignment paired with the Remix card, “Pollock Style.” I chose one of my favorite “Re-brand ‘Em” submissions, “America Runs on DS106″ by Stephanie and remixed it as a Jackson Pollock painting. A little while back, I wrote a blog post… Continue reading



I am the kind of person who chases the sun just to see it set (literally). My life’s goal is to watch the sunset in all seven continents. So far I chased sunsets in four different continents; North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. I decided to make a collage with… Continue reading

Introducing a Familiar Face

A few months back I had the idea to compose a documentary about a topic that has been lingering in my mind for years. The concept of modesty. Modesty comes in many different forms. Everyone has their own perception of modesty. I was particularly interested to view this concept with… Continue reading