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Week 10: Interview with DS106 student, marcey109

-What did you expect this class to be like? What did it end up being like?
At first, I was extremely overwhelmed with the course material presented. I was scared it would be too much when I looked at the syllabus and introduction videos. I was worried that I would… Continue reading


Overedit Yourself!

For this assignment, I was inspired initially by Tiffany’s “Create a New You” assignment. My main inspiration came from the comment posted on my blog post after I had completed Tiffany’s original assignment.

leelzeebub said it would be interesting to place extreme edits on the photo. For Tiffany’s assignment, I… Continue reading


Go to a happier place! (Write-up and Tutorial)

Design Assignment 625: Go to a happier place!
Ever wanted to be somewhere else? Take a photo of yourself in your current location, crop your body out of the photo and paste on an image where you would prefer to be. Put together the two photos for a before and… Continue reading


The Eventful Summer (Final Project)

It all started on May 21, 2012, a young girl by the name of Kavon Johnson was sent to her first summer camp. She had never been to summer camp before so she was very nervous. Along with being very nervous she was questioning why her mother decided to send… Continue reading

Everything is a Remix

Everyone tries to stand out but they rather end up conforming to what everyone else is doing.
The video “Everything is a Remix” shows the level of ‘originality’ or lack thereof. In the past years – music, videos, and even movies have become a repetition of others or an extension… Continue reading

How to Tutorial

For many years I was interested in learning ASL – American Sign Language. A few months ago I promised myself that I will find classes and teach myself how to sign language. I am not yet fluent, however, I am still learning. In this tutorial video I will teach you… Continue reading

A word story

For this assignment I had to chose words (randomly) and do google image search on the words I chose randomly. I selected the first visible photos for the words. Then I created a story by utilizing iMovies.… Continue reading

Calling All Explorers

For this Video assignment, I was supposed to go out into the wilderness and observe nature. I recorded a 30 second video on the beautiful outdoors. I captured this video with my iPhone and uploaded it directly to YouTube. Enjoy!… Continue reading

A Little bit of Pre-Production First

For my video assignments I choose two assignments I found to be very interesting.

Return to the Silent Era: Select a trailer or movie segment you can use for this assignment.  Outline the things you can add to make it more like silent movie style, or write the text you… Continue reading


I tried to be creative and mix some things in there. I did not just want it to be a simple old blog post, but I wanted to “write” it. So I decided to put it in a movie form with slides. I added music to the background just to… Continue reading