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Hujambo Campers

Look who I brought to camp with me? yes yes. They are a piece of love fallen from the skies above. Okay everyone, say HUJAMBO! That means hello in kswahili. Now we are all friends. Let’s get this camp party started.… Continue reading

The Shaping of Stories

I agree with all the story shapings that Vonnegut explained in his video. 1. A person gets into trouble, but overcomes it. 2. the average person gets something great, and it goes totally wrong. Or 3. A lower person starts off badly, good things happen, and they over come everything… Continue reading

05/25 Letter Home

Dear Mom, Dad, and family,
During my first week at Camp Magic MacGuffin, I’ve been helping the camp directors set up my activities! I’ve also been doing lots of unpacking. You remember how long it took me to pack up everything I needed for camp! I already had a Google… Continue reading

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Reaction to Michael Wesch Video

After watching internet culture expert, Dr. Wesch’s, talk, I realized that I am not as technologically savvy as I had thought. I’d like to think I have some skills on the internet, definitely in the social networking aspect, as I grew up with AIM/instant messaging and MySpace in middle school,… Continue reading

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DS106: Letter home – week one

Hey folks
Missing you loads from over here by the lake, with the conifers humming and guitar strings waving in the breeze….
First week at camp! As you know the flight from England was a little delayed so I arrived after everyone else, but the camp directors have been great… Continue reading


Letter Home

Hey Mom,
This week at camp has been very chaotic and fun at the same time. I was very confused with a lot of things that first, but now things are coming together. I had to make a video on a family legend, and I chose to do my video… Continue reading