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Jackson Pollock à la Marcey

For my first design assignment, I chose to make my own Jackson Pollock painting! I started off by looking Jackson Pollock via Google Images so I could get a better feel for his style. I decided I wanted to use a program like told-school Paint that I used to spend… Continue reading


Create A New You

For this assignment, I went back to the handy dandy camp packing list, per usual! When I used PicMonkey for my first visual assignment, I noticed that there were many photo editing tools which could potentially be used to “improve” one’s appearance. I started off with a photo of myself… Continue reading


Common Everyday Object

For the Common Everyday Object Visual Assignment, I started off by taking a bunch of pictures around my house. I had a hard time choosing between a photo of a clock and one of a fork and a spoon. As you will see below, I went with the fork and… Continue reading


Draw It.

For the “Draw It” assignment, I used the free web-based image editing site, Photoshop Express. It was one of the only sites on the packing list that had a drawing transformation feature. The sites on the packing list have all been very helpful and have liked each of them for… Continue reading


Warhol Something

For this second visual assignment, I “Warholed Something” using the photo editing site called Aviary, mentioned on our camp packing list. Aviary actually provided a tutorial on “Warholizing” an image using their photo editing tools. I chose a picture of my dog, Tux, to “Warhol.” I followed the instructions step-by-step… Continue reading


Hey Mom, Don’t Worry I Can Outrun Zombies!

Hey Mom,
Probably the most important thing I learned in camp this week is that I can outrun zombies. Now, giant spiders are another story. They can reach a land speed of 120 mph, I hear.
Okay, so my imagination is running wild but that’s what Camp MacMuffin, er,… Continue reading

Best Time in Human History to be a Storyteller

“The mob will be coming out soon. Keep the door closed and you’ll be safe.”
And, with that, my boxy hero returned to the dark forest.
I did feel safe. For the first time in what seemed like hours, I could breathe without feeling the hot, putrid breath of… Continue reading

Breaking Down the Creative Commons

What Is the Creative Commons

a non profit organization that works to increase the amount of creativity
allows the body of the work to be available to the public for free and legal sharing, use, and remixed

Useful Resources

Sharing photos

The ability to get photos off of the web… Continue reading

Flock Together & Share

“Sharing is Caring,” words my mother instilled in me a long time ago. I found this picture on the Creative Commons website and it looked as if all the origami birds are looking over and reviewing something. That is where I got the idea of  ”Flocking Together.. Sharing Ideas.”… Continue reading

Catch Me in the Beach

I absolutely love where I am from. Colonial Beach, Va. It is a very small beach, but it gets a lot of attention during the holidays and the summer. When I saw this assignment I got a tad bit excited. Mainly because not many people know where Colonial Beach, Virginia… Continue reading