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My DS106 Compilation

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For my second video assignment this week, I chose to make a video compilation of some of my digital stories. At this stage in the course, it is logical that I want to look back and reflect on… Continue reading

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Capturing iPhoto

I love editing images, through different sources of photo editing programs. The most simple one, in my opinion, is iPhoto. I usually edit pictures for my own personal use and play around with colors to see the different results.
I’m familiar with iPhoto.  Using it for this Screen Capturing assignment… Continue reading

Jay Mathews’ Best Teaching Strategies Contest

This piece by Jay Mathews is a week old, but the writing project summer institute has kept me so busy I haven’t had brain space for anything else. Not sure I really do now, but I’m not going to let that hold me back.
A while ago Mathews decided to… Continue reading


Choice Words: Chapters One and Two

This summer there is quite a bit of discussion happening all around the place focused on Peter Johnston’s new book, Opening Minds. As I am often behind the curve, I’m still reading Choice Words, Johnston’s first book (or rereading as the case may be). 

Jason Buell, a brilliant, thoughtful, hilarious… Continue reading


The Start of ISTE (weeks later)

The first official day of ISTE was mostly focused on the awards’ ceremony. Luckily my husband and I wandered out onto the wonderful terrace at the convention center and ran into Lisa Parisi, Brian Crosby, and David Jakes.

Jakes was working on his Ignite presentation for the next day. Somehow… Continue reading

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"I Am No Man"

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I am back at Camp Magic MacGuffin after I was absent last week. This is the second week of video and it took me a couple of days to go through last week’s materials and pluck up the… Continue reading

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My Story, Bike Ride From Hell

We had the option to talk about a story that was sad, happy, or something that could happen on a daily basis. I chose the story of my bike accident. It is the only time in my life I have been to hospital for myself. I was still young and… Continue reading

Here comes the Big Boss!

This loved this assignment. I found it was a little harder fitting movie to song. Yet, it is simply placing the videos together and editing them to fit the music. I used iMovie, it makes everything so easy.
I really love cartoons. It is something of a guilty pleasure, but… Continue reading

Working At the…

I chose to do the song visualization assignment because I do it all the time. Maybe not in video format, but any song I hear, I get mental images of a story. This assignment was in the bag from the moment I saw it. I just had to pick a… Continue reading

Explore Lake Tahoe

“Calling all Explorers”
This past week, I spent time in Lake Tahoe (The California Side) with my boyfriend and his family. Lake Tahoe has endless trails and outdoor activities. One of the video assignments was to explore outside in any way. I went on a 9 mile hike, 9,000 feet… Continue reading