Welcome to Slaughterhouse Four!

Choice Words: Chapters Three and Four

These two chapters focus on Identity and Agency. It doesn’t surprise me that language can impact both of these things, but the extent to which the most basic phrases can make a difference is astounding.
Johnston makes a brief reference in chapter three to the importance of the relationship between student… Continue reading


State of the Profession as Seen by NVWP Teachers

We are now a third of the way through the Northern Virginia Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) and I have not blogged about it at all. I’ve done a ton of writing, of course, but not here. One of my goals on the very first day was to blog… Continue reading


Sound Effects Story

dream… Continue reading

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Everything is a Remix

There is always that moment when you hear a new song, watch a new show, or see a new movie and go “wait, I swear I have seen/heard this before.” That’s probably because you have seen/heard something very similar. After watching “Everything is a Remix”, Kirby Ferguson makes valid points… Continue reading

Letter Home

Dear Family,
This week at camp was all about video! I have totally fallen in love with moving pictures. It is amazing to see new ideas and stories come to life through them and how different elements in a movie can change how the entire feeling of the story. It… Continue reading

ds106 Audio Assignments

I spent a good portion of one day working on ds106 assignments, just sitting at my computer, thinking, planning, searching, recording, rejecting, and trying again. Somehow, just sitting in that way was rough on my back and by dinner I could barely walk. (I’ve had lower back problems in the… Continue reading


Weekly Letter home 8 Video Week!

I used Photo Booth to do all of the filters on my weekly letter home. Then I uploaded each segment to iMovie. I introduced two of my daily creates and added some music (Black Horse & Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall) into the letter home.
I loved Video Week especially… Continue reading

Tutorial For My Mother

Some people are tech savvy and some aren’t. My mother is always curious about how technology works and is constantly being updated on a daily basis. Recently through DS106 we learned how to download YouTube videos straight into the computer. This is something that will really come in handy for… Continue reading

Conversations in the Bloggers’ Cafe at ISTE12

Conferences frequently remind me of how lucky I am and how much I have to be thankful for. I talked with a number of people in the bloggers’ café at ISTE about their schools, districts, and states, and was quite grateful for mine. Teachers shared situations in which they have… Continue reading

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Movies by Numbers – Number 5

For my third video assignment this week, I chose Movies by Numbers. My task is to artistically present a single number through visuals and relevant music. There is to be no narration and only the visuals and the music should tell the story.
I used Compfight to search for CC licenced… Continue reading