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Choice Words: Chapters Five and Six

Chapter five in Choice Words is Flexibility and Transfer (or Generalizing). Dr. Derek Cabrera, about whom I have written before, refers to transfer as the Holy Grail of education. The idea is that if we can help students take skills, concepts, or ideas learned in one subject or one setting… Continue reading

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Weekly Letter Home 9

I edited everything together into iMovie for this weekly letter home. I decided to again use the different filters that Photo Booth offers because it is fun. I then uploaded images into segments of the film that correlated with whatever I was talking about. For example while I was… Continue reading

Letter Home

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week was all about remixing and mashups. It was awesome and I learned a lot about the art of remix. It’s not a simple as it looks. Nor as new as most people think. The biggest thing I am taking out of this week is… Continue reading

Mashup Week

It was interesting to learn about remixing and how much goes on in the creation of a mashup. Also, it is amazing to see how much is actually “remixed” in real life. Such as the creation of the Macintosh. Not only this, but I learned a lot about the different… Continue reading

SNAP Challenge

I’ve got a ridiculous number of tabs open, many because I wanted to do some more thinking about them or share them. Of course, sharing them requires that I stop to reread and think about them. Hence the still open tabs.
One is Joshua Malina’s tumblr. A couple of weeks… Continue reading


A ringtone in another language

The goal of this mashup remix assignment is to create a ringtone for a phone in another language. I used Garage Band for the editing process.
First, I went on to www.freesound.org and found the sounds of a phone ringing. Second I looked up on google translate how to say… Continue reading

Remix, Mashups, Creativity

Anyone has potential to be creative and express themselves through different mediums. It can vary between taking pictures, making music, editing, painting, singing, dancing, and the list just goes on and on.
According to Austin Kleon who wrote “Steal like an Artist” creativity can be for anyone as long as… Continue reading

Mmm Smoothies

The goal of the “Consumer Mashup” was to take a store that you shop at often and incorporate the good you usually buy with the logo of that store. I am feign for smoothies and always go to Tropical Smoothie or Robecks. Lately however I have been choosing Tropical Smoothie.… Continue reading

Twilight the Trailer Montage

First off I would like to state, yes I am one of those people that actually enjoy watching the Twilight Saga… judge all you want.
For those of you who aren’t informed about the wonders of the Twilight Saga, there are four books. The last book (like Harry Potter) is… Continue reading

Music Mash Up

Dj’s tend to remix different songs to make a fun and entertaining soundtrack to listen to. It may seem easy to merge together multiple songs, but after working on this assignment, I found it very challenging.
The goal was to take clips from different songs and merge them together to… Continue reading