Welcome to Slaughterhouse Four!


Great great great third week here at CMM. I learned my way around GIMP decently, and though  it’ll be a long journey, I’m feeling pretty confident in my progress thus far. I’m digging the .gifs and I’ll probably be experimenting more and more with those as they go on. As… Continue reading

Week 3 Letter Home!

Hey Mom and Dad!
This week has been CRAZY. Our counselors are in full swing right now. They are teaching us how to tell stories through visual creations, such as photography.
However though the load did get heavy, it’s been a lot of fun working with different outlets to… Continue reading

Littlefoot on the Move

Staying on the trend of making .gifs in an attempt to master them, this gem took me only a few minutes. Over the holiday break I got a new camera (thanks, Santa!), so I was experimenting with rapid shots and using my favorite model, my adorable cat I got some… Continue reading


I took a picture of our old basketball hoop that we were getting rid of and manipulated the warmth and saturation of the colors. This was the result. Instead of looking like the normal beginning of fall when the picture was actually taken; it looks like late autumn and no… Continue reading

My Eyes Are Wide Open

The Daily Create 150 – Monochrome
After reading this week’s resources on photography I have only started to realise how much I have to learn. I never considered myself a great photographer and I am quite happy to let other people hold the camera. Whenever I wanted to express myself… Continue reading

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Messing About with Mood in Image Composites

Taking another stab at visual assignments, I opted for Switch up the Mood, mostly because I had a few photographs that I had taken with a colleague’s top-shelf digital SLR camera the other day. Consequently, shooting in RAW format, I … Continue reading →… Continue reading

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I’m Not Flipping Over this Idea

Flipping the classroom is an idea being thrown around everywhere. I’ve had conversations about it with folks both in and out of education and teaching at all levels. No one has convinced me.
I may be hard to convince because it’s not something I seriously need to consider. I teach… Continue reading


My Day in Pictures

Visual Assignment 107 – Common Everyday Object
I admit, I am not one of those people who wake up easily. It usually takes me a while to focus and at first my surroundings might seem strange and unfamiliar to me. Is it a wonder, then, that the object you see… Continue reading


Having fun with Visual Media

This week we had to work on “Visual Assignments” dealing with photography, editing images, and just having fun! All campers had to at least earn 10 stars in order to get a good ol’ pat on the back and completion for the week.
The first visual assignment I worked on… Continue reading

Look Ma’, First GIF!

I did my first GIF today as part of an Visual Assignment for this week. This assignment was worth three stars and it was pretty fun. It was called Say It Like the Peanut Butter and you can find it here.

This is a clip from the movie Contagion, which… Continue reading