Welcome to Slaughterhouse Four!

Lost Mail

Dear Family of Jolie Thomas,
We, at the pony express, deeply regret that your mail has been delayed in reaching you. The pony that was carrying the letters addressed to you got lost and was only found recently. We hope that these letters find you well and the delay has… Continue reading

Must the sky be blue?

Use creative commons licensed images to design a poster about how groovy Creative Commons is!

Using Compfight, I found this photo by Ross Webdale. I added text and the Creative Commons icon in photoshop.
I chose the back ground image because ever since I was a small child, coloring has… Continue reading

Toucan Sam?

Take one of your own photographs, one from Flickr Creative Commons or one from the DS 106 Flickr group and caption it.

I used a picture that I took last year for this assignment. In Word, I used Word Art to create the caption. Then, in Photoshop, added the two… Continue reading

Week 4 – The Creative Commons Poster

cc licensed ( BY NC SA )  flickr photo shared by WadeB
We are very busy this week at Camp McGuffin, with design assignments, the Design Safari, the research on Creative Commons and all the readings we need to do.
I am also really, really busy at work, so I’ll… Continue reading


Mission: ds106 – lyric typography poster design assignment

Inspired by several campers’ lyric typography posters (2 stars), I decided to go back to this assignment. I passed over it during my design sprint because the first few ideas I tried didn’t work – I wanted to do something purely typographical with the background color being the only non-textual… Continue reading

Picture Riddle Me This

Come up with a riddle, or even an every day phrase, and use basic pictures or icons to lay it out.

Picture Riddle
I created this in Word by inserting the images. After each insert, I went under Wrap Text and chose Tight. This allows the image to be moved… Continue reading

To Dwell on Dreams

I can openly acknowledge my love affair with the Harry Potter series, and both books and movies alike, I can’t get enough. As I worked on this latest design assignment I was watching a special on the Harry Potter movies, which moved me emotionally because of the story itself, as… Continue reading

Zazzy Does Minecraft

Don’t go in the sky.
Click here to view the embedded video.… Continue reading


Wait, is that Lindsey Lohan?

“Wait, Where’d that guy come from?” I thought would be fun to do and apparently so did a lot of other people! I decided to clash Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with the infamous Lindsey Lohan doing one of her sexy poses. Try and find her!

HarryPotterandLL? ©… Continue reading

Cartoon me! (comparisons involved)

cartoon me © by katherinekd101

cartoon comparison © by katherinekd101

I edited this photo through Photoshop by playing with a filter called “Cutout” under Artistic filters. I then adjusted the Brightness and Contrast of the image so it still had texture and that “comic book cartoonish” feeling.

I chose… Continue reading