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Tutorial on Milestone Memories

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Tutorial on Milestone Memories


Step 1

Decide what your milestones have been throughout your life. Then find pictures that represent these milestones.


Step 2

Open Power Point and place each image on a slide in chronological order.


Step 3

Go to Insert at the tool bar then click “Text Box” in this box you can write a short phrase or word that explains the milestone and or why it is important to you.


Step 4

Take a screen shot of the final image by pressing command+shift+3. Upload this image to Flickr and tag it VisualAssignments, VisualAssignments621

Final Reflection/Letter Home/Advice?

Sunday, July 29th, 2012


This is my final reflection of Camp Magic Macguffin.

Below is advice that I give to future DS106 students. It’s all about time management seriously in my opinion that is what gets assignments done efficiently. Also look for tutorials and previous examples for other DS106 students. Manage your time and it will show through your work! Also remember to be creative and have fun! This has been the most interesting/ non dull class I have taken.

The Final Story

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This final assignment was difficult to say the least. I didn’t even know where to begin. I decided to have a narrative based on two people. One was telling the story of Camp Macguffin while the other person was asking questions about the camp. The girl (who was me) asking questions was a possible new camper for next summer. She had to be convinced that Macguffin was worth her time. (In the end it was). The other person was narrating the adventures that a camper had at Macguffin. She discussed only a few topics of interest such as Mine Craft and Creative Commons to the possible prospect.



This took a lot of clipping and editing to make the final product. I used different YouTube videos that Martha and Alan put up as well as a YouTube video from the Creative Commons website. I wanted to focus mostly on Creative Commons because it interests me so much, this concept of sharing creativity via internet. I also focused in Mine Craft because I know this is something I want to avoid getting addicted to… because it will happen one day I just know it.

If you’re wondering about the bug eyes on the possible prospect… I mean why not?


Tutorial “What Color is Your World?”

Sunday, July 29th, 2012


What Color is your world?


Step 1

On a normal day, make sure to have a camera of a phone with decent photo quality with you. Pick a color to photograph throughout the day, found on different objects like a car, traffic signs, breakfast, anything at all.


Step 2

Upload these images onto your computer


Step 3

Pick a song that correlates with the color you chose. It can be said in the lyrics, described through different words, certain objects that are the color you chose. For example for the color blue I chose the song “I’m Blue” by Eiffel 64.


Step 4

Use an editing tool to upload these images or if you took a short film segment of any of the colors. IMOVIE is a good tool to use or something similar.


Step 5

For IMOVIE – go to File-Import for any film segments shot, if uploading a photo on the right hand side in the middle, there is a tool bar of a camera, itunes logo, a T and transition slides. Click on the camera to upload all images.


Step 6

Once the images are in place, I made a transitional phase for each photo such as “dissolve” or “open door”, to do this click on the box that has two sideways triangles facing each other. There are multiple options to choose from, pick whichever ones are the most interesting to you.


Step 7

The next step is to click on the music button and choose the song that you wish to choose for this assignment. Drag the song and place it in the “project” portion of IMOVIE. To fade in or fade out click on the star located on the green bar, shown in the images below.

Bluescreen1 © by katherinekd101

Bluescreen2 © by katherinekd101



















Step 8

An additional edit I made was putting filters on each image. Below are snapshots of how this is done.

BlueScreen3 © by katherinekd101

BlueScreen4 © by katherinekd101


















Bluescreen2 © by katherinekd101

BlueScreen1 © by katherinekd101



















Step 9

The final step is to export the finished product. Go to share then press export movie.


Step 10

Upload the film onto YouTube and tag it with the appropriate tagging

Weekly Letter Home 9

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012


I edited everything together into iMovie for this weekly letter home. I decided to again use the different filters that Photo Booth offers because it is fun. I then uploaded images into segments of the film that correlated with whatever I was talking about. For example while I was talking about the daily creates, I used the images for each create into my movie. The same concept goes for music. Any type of music that was related to what I was talking about I placed into the specific section of my movie.


A ringtone in another language

Friday, July 20th, 2012

The goal of this mashup remix assignment is to create a ringtone for a phone in another language. I used Garage Band for the editing process.

First, I went on to and found the sounds of a phone ringing. Second I looked up on google translate how to say “Pick up your phone” and “Are you there” in Norwegian. I used Norwegian as my language because once when I was very young I went to Norway for a few weeks. Right when I saw this assignment I thought, this would be a fun language to try it out in and I never learned any words so I could just start now!

The third part was recording my self on Sound Cloud saying the phrases “Plukk opp telefonen” which means pick up your phone and “Er du det” which means are you there. I uploaded these sounds to my Itunes and from there into Garage Band.

Garage band offers free sounds and music segments to incorporate into your work. I chose “Carousel” which was under the topic of “World Music Sounds” I layered me speaking, carousel, and the ringing of phone all on top of each other.


This is a remix because it has three different layers of sound complied into one finished sound. All of the layers were legally obtained to create a ringtone in Norwegian.

Remix, Mashups, Creativity

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Anyone has potential to be creative and express themselves through different mediums. It can vary between taking pictures, making music, editing, painting, singing, dancing, and the list just goes on and on.

According to Austin Kleon who wrote “Steal like an Artist” creativity can be for anyone as long as you are in the right environment with the right influences. He believes that everyone is a mashup of whatever is let into an individuals life. If your open to ideas and creative thoughts then they can influence your creative thoughts and works too. I agree with Kleon with this idea of “Steal like an Artist” creativity should be shared with everyone and not limited to the individual who thought of it first. Ideas are always a build off of another one and this is how people grow as individuals in a creative mind st.

Girl Talk, a DJ who is notorious for taking songs and remixing them together makes great mashups and uses his creativity for his followers benefits. The music that Girl Talk mashes together is a controversy that it could be illegal and copyright violations. If this was the case, there would be tons of criminals in this world by downloading music or making their own mashups. I believe as long as credit is given to the original song or work of art then it should be shared for others to use. In all likely hood their work was probably built off of someone else in the past too.

The explanation of copyright through Disney characters was hilarious. Disney is an intimidating company when it comes to copyright violations and has the power/money to take just about anyone down who does something illegal with their work.

There are two sides to this argument. The first one is what I have stated above but the other side is for the artists who have to make a living off of their work. If people are using their music, pictures, and other forms of art then they cannot make money and all of their hard work has not been repayed. I believe people should be more informed about sites like Creative Commons, and other websites that allow for the use of sharing creativity throughout the world. If more people knew about it then there would be more to go around. However I don’t think that all pieces of creativity should be shared because people do need to make money and want to see results for their hard work.

Examples of Remixes

“Mary Poppins” flipped to a horror film. Music really does reflect the mood of a movie or segment of video. It is remixed from being about a wonderful and perfect nanny to being a horrifying crazy nanny from hell. This was remixed by Chris Rule, and he did a great job of using the Mary Poppin’s trailer to come off as a completely different film.

Buffy vs. Edward -Twilight Remix

If you read my earlier blog post about mashing together all the Twilight trailers then it would be obvious that I couldn’t resist the urge to watch this remix. Jonathan Mclntosh took clippings from Twilight to portray Edward as a complete creep and stalker. I will admit he did a fantastic job it was very funny to watch! Instead of the typical girl falling for the vampire allure, Buffy who is in fact a vampire slayer is completely creeped out by him. The story flows together for the whole segment. I did notice at minute 5:24 a scene from Harry Potter is taken when Robert Pattinson (Edward) is killed by Lord Voldermort. Which was interesting to throw in there but it did add the effect of Edward getting killed by Buffy. By remixing scenes together like this, you can totally change the persona of a character in just a matter of minutes.

Star Wars and Call Me Maybe

Call Me Maybe is one of the most popular songs currently, that is being remixed or mocked. This is the most creative one I have seen so far. Like the Disney explantation of Copyright, the dialogue of Star Wars characters is used to talk out the lyrics of Call Me Maybe. Layered on top is the instrumentals to the song. Its a remix because it is taking too different outlets and merged together to create one.

Mmm Smoothies

Friday, July 20th, 2012

The goal of the “Consumer Mashup” was to take a store that you shop at often and incorporate the good you usually buy with the logo of that store. I am feign for smoothies and always go to Tropical Smoothie or Robecks. Lately however I have been choosing Tropical Smoothie. Not entirely sure why…maybe because of price or maybe because I feel cool drinking a “tropical” smoothie.

Regardless I decided to make my own logo for Tropical Smoothie instead of using theirs. I replaced the “i” in tropical and smoothie with an image of a smoothie drink from this establishment. Then I used PowerPoint to get a tropical/island themed background. I made the entire logo on PowerPoint. I made each letter a different color to make it vibrant and fun.

After I was finished I took a screen shot of the logo and uploaded it to FLICKR.

Tropical Smoothie ad © by katherinekd101

Twilight the Trailer Montage

Friday, July 20th, 2012

First off I would like to state, yes I am one of those people that actually enjoy watching the Twilight Saga… judge all you want.

For those of you who aren’t informed about the wonders of the Twilight Saga, there are four books. The last book (like Harry Potter) is made into two different movies, therefore there are five movies. I took a clipping from each movie trailer and edited them together. I used to download the YouTube trailers. I decided I wanted to make a story of the Twilight Saga through the trailer, but still leave some mystery at the end. For those of who are diehard fans like me there is no mystery. However for those of you who are interested in Twilight and learning about its  ”fantasticness” this trailer will be a great introduction into the saga!

I used iMovie to merge together all the trailers. Since the trailers are already edited with music, all I had to do was put pieces together and hoped it would make sense. I faded in and out with sound to make a better transition.

Music Mash Up

Friday, July 20th, 2012

Dj’s tend to remix different songs to make a fun and entertaining soundtrack to listen to. It may seem easy to merge together multiple songs, but after working on this assignment, I found it very challenging.

The goal was to take clips from different songs and merge them together to make one single song. I used Garage Band for this assignment. The songs included (in order):

One More Time -Daft Punk

La Vie – The Deans List ( The Deans List produces their own music but incorporates usually one or two other songs into their work)

Dancing in the Dark – Dev

Love on Top – Beyonce

Garage Band offers free sound clips to use in songs, or looping songs together. I used “Club Beats” and “Jingles” as transitional sounds. I wanted to do a remix based on a music genre of pop/dance/club something fun to listen to. In my opinion it takes a certain skill to mash music together and actually make it sound nice.

I imported each song and layered them on top of each other by a second or two. Once the segment of the song I wanted was over, I clipped it (or cropped) out.