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Making up for Lost Time

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Ah, yes. I am far far behind in the going-ons of camp. I lost myself in my other camp job, which I openly admit was my fault for poor time management.

Regardless, I finished up today and I’m going to do a literal sprint to the finish. I’m embarrassed at how far behind I am, but I’m not a quitter.

So, first comes my audio work for week 5.

I decided to write a homophone poem.

Homophone Poem

There I stood in the tide, straight and bold as I peered beyond the waves

to see the buoys that lapped along the edge of the loch.

Ahead in the sea I sensed a lone ark, the seine hanging low, baited for prey.

The bow gazed forward in the night.

Behind me, a bare beach, barren not due to weather, but the hour.

My doused jeans were soaked as the tide rolled against my feet.


Sunday, July 29th, 2012

I’ve had a difficult time with the audio assignments this week. I kept getting very frustrated with my tone and volume while talking that I must have read 5 different Suess books 20 times each aloud.

I finally settled on this version of Hop On Pop, by Dr. Suess.

I chose this book for a few reasons… It’s short. It’s hard to say. It’s funny. It’s illogical.

Anyway, I had a nice time with it. It’s a funny story when  you actually read it. The words and the rhythm of Dr. Suess is fun and admittedly very tongue-twisting.

I hope you enjoy my audio recording!

Below is also a transcript of what I’m saying… It does get hard to understand because the words are so similar.

UP PUP Pup is up.

CUP PUP Pup in cup.

PUP CUP Cup on pup


MOUSE HOUSE Mouse on house.

HOUSE MOUSE House on mouse.


ALL TALL We all are tall.

ALL SMALL We all are small.

ALL BALL We all play ball.

BALL WALL Up on a wall.

ALL FALL Fall off the wall.


DAY PLAY We play all day.

NIGHT FIGHT We fight all night.


HE ME He is after me.

HIM JIM Jim is after him.

SEE BEE We see a bee.

SEE BEE THREE Now we see three.

THREE TREE Three fish in a tree.

Fish in a tree? How can that be?


RED RED They call me Red.

RED BED I am in bed.



PAT PAT They call him Pat.

PAT SAT Pat sat on hat.

PAT CAT Pat sat on cat.

PAT BAT Pat sat on bat.

NO PAT NO Don’t sit on that.


SAD DAD BAD HAD Dad is sad.

Very, very sad.

He had a bad day. What a day Dad had!


THING THING What is that thing?

THING SING That thing can sing!

SONG LONG A long, long song.

Good-by, Thing. You sing too long.


WALK WALK We like to walk.

WALK TALK We like to talk.


HOP POP We like to hop.

We like to hop on top of Pop.

STOP You must not hop on Pop.



Mr. Brown upside down.

Pup up. Brown down.

Pup is down. Where is brown?


Mr. Brown is out of town.


BACK BLACK Brown came back.

Brown came back with Mr. Black.

SNACK SNACK Eat a snack.

Eat a snack with Brown and Black.


JUMP BUMP He jumped. He bumped.

FAST PAST He went past fast.

WENT TENT SENT He went into the tent.

I sent him out of the tent.


WET GET Two dogs get wet.

HELP YELP They yelp for help.

HILL WILL Will went up hill.

WILL HILL STILL Will is up hill still.



That one is my other brother.

My brothers read a little bit.

Little words like If and It.

My father can read big words too.



SAY SAY What does this say?





Ask me tomorrow but not today.

My Apologies

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Dearest Fam,

My apologies for my lack of interaction recently with ds106. I’ve been overwhelmed with a second camp that I’ve just started at. I’m short on free time and can’t seem to manage my time between work, Medical Ethics (Phil 226), and MacGuffin.

These next few days are going to be crunch-time. I’ve made a schedule for myself to guarantee that I don’t fall behind again. It’s so hard to stay on top of things when you have so many things to stay on top of.

Until next time (soon),


Hey me, Hey mama

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Dearest Fam,

I’ve concluded my fourth week here at Camp Magic MacGuffin. So far, so good. I got some feedback from my esteemed directors early in the week, and I really took it to heart. I started working on my design assignments a lot earlier and posting them throughout the week instead of all in a clump. I also got more active and remembered to check Google reader for updates from my fellow campers.

On another note, I’ve started my first week at a new camp as a staff member! It’s a 7 week camp at UVa for academics, tennis, and golf. I’m an RA, but really I’m a camp counselor who is in charge of making sure nobody sneaks out at night. Or sneaks in… It’ll probably get difficult to split time between the two camps I’m simultaneously participating in, but being able to take breaks at the one I’m at physically to attend the one I’m at virtually will be a great help. I have lots of down time, and luckily I enjoy doing ds106 activities.

This week, I focused on design. I used both Photoshop and GIMP for my assignments. I had two really really favorite assignments I did, which all turned out in the same style-esque.

To Oz

The above photo is the most recent assignment. It’s a Minimalist Travel Poster and it looks so inviting! I think? It was a definite favorite and you should read my blog post about it! Definitely a favorite.

And also, I’m very proud of this assignment I did for Minimalize your Philosophy.


I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for these, because not only did I greatly enjoy doing it, I’m very pleased with the final product, and also another pat on the back for bragging to all my fellow staff members about how much better my online summer class is than their boring history, econ, etc., classes.

Also, on another note, I did some stuff with CreativeCommons this week, including changing my flickr account to BY-NC!!

Until then,


To Dwell on Dreams

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I can openly acknowledge my love affair with the Harry Potter series, and both books and movies alike, I can’t get enough. As I worked on this latest design assignment I was watching a special on the Harry Potter movies, which moved me emotionally because of the story itself, as well as reminiscing on the frustration that I never received my owl.

I chose the Minimalize Your Philosophy assignment which I saw for the first time on Chad’s blog. I loved the assignment for the simplicity and another opportunity to play around with typography. I’ve got a book of favorite quotes longer than the HP series (because the entire series counts, but regardless), so this assignment let me open it up and pick one.

But! This quote, reminded me that despite not being magical, It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.


I played around with the colors in this for a while, but I eventually chose a pale yellow and blue because they felt dream-like. I needed something in the blue space, so I put three yellow dots and then I changed the opacity on each to increase, as if the clarity of the speaker is also increasing. I wanted the “forget to live” to stand out, because it is the main premise of the quote.

I feel like I try to live by this quote. It isn’t the most spectacular like Shoot for the stars or If you can dream it you can achieve it. To me, it isn’t about what could be, or what we shoot for in our lives, because if we, for whatever reason, aren’t able to reach our ultimate goals of doctors and lawyers, so long as I can look back and have had the time of my life getting where ever it is I eventually end up, that’ll be OK too. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have dreams! But don’t let the obsession of the goal obscure the path you take.


Share the Joy

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Part two of my Design Assignments requirement, I chose to do the Creative Commons Poster.

Being an animal enthusiast, I chose an adorable hound in the middle of a field of daisies. I chose the caption “Share the joy” for my photo because without the ability to share photographs and information, we wouldn’t be able to see the joy in photographs like this.

CC Poster

I love the idea of sharing the world, experiences, and joy and I think that this photograph that I chose tells a greater story than just an adorable hound in a field. It says something about the place the dog lives, the freedom it experiences regularly playing in a field. The absence of a leash, the rolling hills in the background, it all adds to the sense of freedom.

Tragedy of the Commons

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

The title may not be the most appropriate, because it doesn’t seem to be a tragedy at all that the work is shared. I did just learn this term in regards to environmental degradation so now when I hear the word commons I immediately turn to this phrase.

Creative Commons is a non-profit out of California that has created a forum and way of sharing creative work that others can build upon… legally.

Creative Commons develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical
infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and

So, the CC has six different types of licenses you can use, free of charge, on your creative works. They have all combinations of permissions to…

  • editing
  • commercial/non-commercial use
  • accreditation
  • license continuance

You can search the Creative Commons database and see results immediately of CC licensed photographs that you can use.

CC receives donations and support from from Google, Mozilla, Red Hat, Best Buy, Duke, eBay, Microsoft, Nike, and more. Wikipedia uses the CC license for information on their site, and Al Jazeera has used the CC license on some broadcasts.

For licensing and honor code purposes, I used the Creative Commons website directly and Wikipedia.

Aloha, Aloha

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Aloha fellow campers,

I’ve sent my family a postcard from Camp Magic MacGuffin this evening as part of the Postcards from Magical Places assignment as designated by our esteemed directors.


I had a rough time with this using GIMP. I can’t seem to get my bearings straight while using it. I’ve looked up tutorials and such, but I’m getting very disoriented and frustrated. I think I”ll have to steal my dad’s computer so I can keep using his Photoshop…

I thought this was a classic postcard-esque photo, showing the beautiful sunset and the height allowed me to get a greater panoramic shot. I think this postcard appropriately illustrates all of my past camping experiences. With years of camping experience with 4-H under my belt, I rarely wrote postcards home, but when I did, they were half-hearted and I typically showed more concern for the pets than I did for my own blood relatives. I chose a tie-dye stamp because I knew my hippie family would love it.

You can find the assignment I chose here.

Up next I think I’ll be combining my Creative Commons research with the design assignment poster. After that, only three stars left and it’s only Tuesday. #winning



Ain’t it though?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Day one of week four and I’m getting my grips on the Design Assignments.

I tried the Lyric Typography Poster assignment, which can be found here.

Typography Poster

Waddya think? I chose the lyrics “Ain’t it just like the present to be showing up like this” from Bon Iver’s Blood Bank. A beautiful song by Grammy award winning artist Justin Vernon, if you haven’t heard it yet, listen to it!

Watch this video on YouTube.

If you haven’t heard of Bon Iver, clearly you were living in a hole in February when it angered many pop culture fanatics when the band won Best New Artist. While I love Bon Iver, it angered me too because as I like to remind people just because it is new to you does not make it new.

Anyway, I used Photoshop on my father’s design computer for this project. I started with a blank canvas, typed the lyrics separately into Text Boxes, then moved them, resized them, etc., until I came up with a design that I liked. The clocks I got from… Check it out!



Monday, June 11th, 2012

Great great great third week here at CMM. I learned my way around GIMP decently, and though  it’ll be a long journey, I’m feeling pretty confident in my progress thus far. I’m digging the .gifs and I’ll probably be experimenting more and more with those as they go on. As soon as I can do it without flubs, I’ll make a tutorial on it!

My daily creates this week were pretty straight forward, all photography-related minus a thrilling tale about my strangest job. A little more detail on that, I was not in fact dressed as a burrito, but rather I just sat there, trying to look attractive enough for male patrons to come over and buy burritos but trying to stay warm enough to stay alive (it was November/December). The restaurant was unorganized, unprofitable, and generally unsuccessful as a whole. But, it was delicious!

Had some fun with the photography this week, but my favorite was probably my monochrome photo.

I love this photo. I took it in Carova, NC where the wild horses roam the beach free. I love the beach and the mountains equally, but a beach with wild horses trumps all. They’re beautiful animals and I really can’t get enough of them. You should all check out the area if you haven’t! It’s on the border of Virginia and North Carolina, but because of the False Cape State Park (which is also beautiful and full of a variety of fantastic creatures like boars and rare birds), you have to go all the way down to the Outerbanks Bridge and then head back up north once you cross over. The trip, while long, is worth it because of the isolation.

The point is: Great week! I’m looking forward to more adventures. I screwed around in Minecraft a bit. I’m completely lost. Hopefully this week will bring me more knowledge in that.

Week four and on will prove to be a bit of a challenge for me, as I start my own camping adventure as a camp counselor at Four Star Camps at UVA. 10 years at my 4-H camp at Holiday Lake, 1 year at C’ville Parks and Rec, another semester at Camp Magic MacGuffin and now, I’m going to conquer UVA camp. I just can’t get enough.