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Last Letter From Camp

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Dearest Mother and Father,

I had really no idea what this class would be like. At the beginning, this class was an enigma. I was unsure of how it would be laid out and where I would fit into the dynamics of class. I was completely new to a lot of aspects of this class and was nervous about how I would complete assignments. In the end, DS106 was a great experience. It was a bunch of fun and stretched my knowledge and experience with the wonderful world of digital storytelling. It taught me many new things as well that I would never have realized had I not taken this class. It was much simpler than I had anticipated.

I am most proud of is my visual assignments. It always gives me a boost of confidence when I review my work. However, I wish that I could do some of my audio assignments over again. I have learned a whole lot more from that week in listening and taking others advice. I would definitely choose to continue on with visual storytelling. I deeply connected with the catchphrase assignment. I love catch phrases and lines from TV and Movies. I would also incorporate other things into the “catchphrase” genre, such as song and book titles. In continuing with this assignment, I would also compile several catchphrases to tell a story.

I definitely will use my photo and video editing skills in the future. Also, I will use the ideas that I learned from design and use them. I am a board member of an all breed animal rescue. My job also includes Webmaster, so using all my skills that I have gained from this class, I will re-tool the website into an astounding blog for the animal rescue.

My advice, wisdom gained from experience, to future campers is seriously manage your time. Do not let time get away from you because it will fly away on you. Also, the other major piece of advice I have for any future student is: Don’t be afraid to admit you don’t understand. No one bites and everyone is super helpful.


Letter Home

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week was all about remixing and mashups. It was awesome and I learned a lot about the art of remix. It’s not a simple as it looks. Nor as new as most people think. The biggest thing I am taking out of this week is just how far back “remixing” really goes and how many genres of life it can touch. Like in Everything is a Remix,

shows us that everday objects are not original genius, but the result of remixing. Such as the laptop, reality is the origin of these common appliances is xerox, which most people today associate with copy machines. The cars made by Henry Ford, were combining many different technologies together to get the mass produced and affordable car.
To create remixing online, there are many ways to start. Yet, it boils down to extreme video editing. Adding in music and combine other images, text, or audio. With all of this mixed together, you get an amazing work of genius. Many popular things today are rooted in a remix of two or more former works.

Mixing it up,

Mashup Week

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

It was interesting to learn about remixing and how much goes on in the creation of a mashup. Also, it is amazing to see how much is actually “remixed” in real life. Such as the creation of the Macintosh. Not only this, but I learned a lot about the different types of remix: copy, transform, and combine.

Remix Example 1

Edward and Buffy
This is a really good example of combining. Two vampire stories combined to create a different story. It was amazingly clipped together and the story was easily flowed from the clips.

Remix Example 2

Call Me Maybe Star Wars
This is a perfect example of transforming a piece. It takes a classic movie and a modern hit and transforms both of them into one single video. The video keeps me engaged and entertained. An awesome mashup!

Remix Example 2

Literal Music Videos
These are awesome! I instantly fell in love with them. It shows us a great example of transforming. Taking the music video, and transforming the lyrics to mean something completely different from the original song.

Letter Home

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Dear Family,

This week at camp was all about video! I have totally fallen in love with moving pictures. It is amazing to see new ideas and stories come to life through them and how different elements in a movie can change how the entire feeling of the story. It was amazing to actually get to be involved in creating something like this.

This week my favorite assignment was definitely the Animated Music Video.

It was fun to make and I am very happy with the result. So don’t worry, all that cartoon watching has paid off.

Animatedly Yours,


Here comes the Big Boss!

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

This loved this assignment. I found it was a little harder fitting movie to song. Yet, it is simply placing the videos together and editing them to fit the music. I used iMovie, it makes everything so easy.

I really love cartoons. It is something of a guilty pleasure, but this assignment made this cartoon fan very happy and excited. I hold those that make AMV’s in very high regard and never thought that I would ever make one myself. I also really love this song. It never fails to make me smile or sing along. It is simply a classic that everyone should know. The two cartoons that I used are two that I fell completely in love with for many reasons.

Working At the…

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

I chose to do the song visualization assignment because I do it all the time. Maybe not in video format, but any song I hear, I get mental images of a story. This assignment was in the bag from the moment I saw it. I just had to pick a song from a very extensive list. Yet, as it always does, I found the right song to incorporate into the project. This assignment was fairly easy. I collected images together in iMovie and added the song. The hardest part of this movie was editing how the song match up to the images and how transitions or movement affected the video.

Not only do I like this song because it is upbeat and catchy, but it also has earned its place in my quirky family. Every time we see a car wash, either passing by or going through, I crank this song loud and sing along. It seems like the appropriate thing to do in the situation. It helps that my mother and sister join in. I have always had a love for the automated car washes that spew pretty foamy colors on your car. It is a bubble paradise and a whole lot of fun to watch when it gets rinsed off. Yet, there is also something therapeutic about hand-washing a car (I enjoy the job of vacuuming out the car, especially if it is extra-dirty). Being able to unplug from the fast-paced daily flow of life and being able to find joy in something do small is something that everyone should be able to do.

Losing My Religion (and my sanity)

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Dear Family,

This week is been great fun at Camp. Yet, while all this fun is going on, my sanity is wearing thin. I have been on a whirlwind of a trip through the amazing world of audio and video. Plus, my trip through video land is not finished quite yet. Also, I have been juggling a very long car trip and a pack of dogs on little sleep and wifi hotspot connections. I have past those test with flying colors, yet the test that the universe has thrown at me today is mind-boggling. What do I do when I have seemingly lost my cell-phone?

Is it hiding in the car? Was it left behind in the hotel? Did it jump out at the gas station? So, my fried brain is in overdrive trying to locate my technological buddy. Numerous prayers to Saint Anthony and the great iCloud in the sky have failed me. So, as I fret about this cosmic prank, I anticipate the next week of camp.

I have also sort of daily gotten my creative juices flowing. My favorite daily create being, Design your own Mascot. While, I did not exactly design him, he has been my mascot for a number of years.


The Dodge Ram. Tough, stubborn, adaptable, and strong. Not only has he been in every single car that my mother has owned since I was born, but he is the only image that I trust in a car. Also, the ram has been a school mascot to which I have been extremely loyal. Plus, anywhere I go, I can find a ram. Be it a lamp, a picture, a statue, or an actual ram. He watches over me and I couldn’t ask for a better mascot.

Stressfully Yours,


Dear Sane People of the World,

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Here are some pictures from my crazy trip.







Reflection on TAL: Reruns

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

This American Life: Reruns

I enjoyed listening to this episode of This American Life with the overall topic of reruns. It caught my attention because I love reruns. I watch my favorite shows hundreds of times and I read my favorite books until there are creases in the spine. In the prologue, as well as  throughout the entire radio show, you get a better understanding of what Ira Glass meant when he talked about “good taste” and being ruthless. The message of the show was clear and the show was fun to listen to because the important details were what stood out.

In Act One, all the topics that Ira Glass talked about on youtube were perfectly exemplified. There were the building blocks: the anecdote and the reflection. The anecdote being the actions of the movie, while the reflection is the interview with Trent Harris. It had the element of finding a great story, both in Starlee Kine finding the story of Trent Harris and in Trent Harris finding Beaver. Trent had good taste in making this movie over and over again. He never put in anything that would take away from the movie and always kept the important details in the movie. Also, the element of personal interaction was evident in Act One. Many connections were made through just one basic story and through those interactions you can internalize that story and see the real drama of the story come out.

The entirety of Act Two was centered around the basic building blocks of story-telling. The personal anecdotes that people tell and the reflections on why do these certain stories get re-told. I liked that in Act Two, there was more focus on why certain stories are told and how these stories affect personal interactions. In the case of Robert and Tamar, the story is now something shared between them because of a variation in detail.

In Act Three, the reflection raised an interesting issue of why people compare themselves to Rosa Parks. It made me stop and think of how the story of civil rights activists are carried through the years and used (improperly) as analogies. This act shows us how personal interaction is a powerful tool in story telling. The interaction between Rosa Parks and the bus driver is a great image for many people, but many distort the overall interaction that lead to this memorable event.

Typical High School Story

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

“Tell a story using nothing but sound effects.”


I used sound effects from to make this story. In Audacity, I complied them together into a recognizable pattern that would tell a story. I trimmed up sound effects where I thought it was needed and overlapped sounds to make a more effective story.

I listened to other sound effect stories to find inspiration and found a lot of suspenseful stories. I was then reminded of what Ira Glass said about story telling, “the power of the anecdote is so great that no matter how boring the material is…there’s suspense in it.” That idea struck a chord with me, the sound effect story does not have to be blatantly suspenseful to be a successful story. Why not use boring material to create story? This question made me brainstorm of boring situations. Where is the feeling of being bored the strongest? The last minutes of a class, obviously. The sequence of actions is completely boring, a person watches a clock, feels bored, sighs, and then finally the bell rings. Simple story but there is a underlying suspense that is just a strong as running from an unknown attacker.

There is a sense of anxiousness in the story, we all now that everyone is waiting for the bell to ring. You remember the feeling of being antsy waiting for that bell. That leads us to the question, why? Why are they impatient? What is happening that they just cannot wait for? The possibilities are endless, a date, a vacation, or simply freedom from school. Where is this person headed next? I left the end of the story to you.