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Camp Magic Macguffin…the unexpected

Monday, July 30th, 2012

This was the first online class that I had ever taken, so I was really nervous and quite honestly I had no idea what to expect. I had friends take other online classes before and they told me how they had to meet in an online chat room x-amount of times a week, and that it was not really that much different then a regular class except it is harder to remember to do your work. So basically my initial expectations for this class were that it was going to be like any other college-lecture type class, but online. But boy oh boy was I wrong, and I am glad!

This class ended up really being about getting comfortable with all sorts of different media outlets. I was able to create and upkeep my own domain, get active on flickr and twitter, and learn a lot about the free resources that are available on the internet (and even already on my computer) that I did not even know existed! It was a lot more laid back then I expected to be as well. I mean it was a LOT of work, but it was not like your standard read a textbook and take a test kind of class. I was able to learn so much more through actually working hands-on with what I was learning. I also become aware of copyright and creative commons issues that I did not even know existed. I was able to create my own opinions and be enlightened about how I think ideas should be shared, and was able to take part by allowing my published worked to be used by others as well.

It is actually kind of ironic because about a month before this class I was trying to edit a video for a different class project and had NO idea how to do it. Now I can edit photos, videos, and sound clips no problem. I mean I am not an expert, but I can don it. I have really learned a lot in this class and I know it is going to come in handy in the future for me.

If I could pick my absolute favorite assignment it would have to be the Silent Video Assignment. I mean it was a lot of fun and I spent a lot of time working on it, not to mention I think that it is one of my best pieces of work in this class. I had to incorporate massive video editing along with audio. Here it is if anyone wants to take a look:

I think if I had to choose one thing in this class to go back and do over…it would be all of the design section. I don’t think I fully grasped the concept of the design projects, I mean I get the basics, but I think there was a lot of information about it and I wished I (and we as the class) had spent more time on it.

Well this class was definitely more then I had expected (in a good way of course) and below are my top tips for future DS106ers:



Ongoing Dream: Camp Magic Macguffin

Monday, July 30th, 2012

There are two main types of dreams. The kind where you are almost watching a movie unfold before you, kind of hoovering over everything that is going on, but no one knows you are there. Then there is the type where you are active in the dream and interacting with what is going on. Every Sunday night for the past ten weeks I have had the same ongoing dream, that hoovering kind of dream. You know the kind that unravels like a story, you wake up one morning and realize your dream is sort of deja vu, like you have been in that dream place before?

My dream place was called Camp Magic MacGuffin. It was filled with great mysteries, it seemed like in almost every dream either a new mystery was developing or more facts would surface about an old one. The dream started fairly nice though, with two camp directors, Martha and Alan. They seemed to get along fairly well at first, and they were the main characters in my dream.

Some things were kind of random though, almost like a crazy Alice and Wonderland type dream. Early on there were just these random images that would pop up in a few dreams of this slide guy. This is what he looked like:

SlideGuy at CMM BavaLava

But slide guy just vanished suddenly. This guy Joe Beets tried to uncover the mystery of what happened to slide guy, he found him at a local Chiptole, but slide guy wouldn’t go too much into his story.

Next Martha and Alan (the two main characters in my ongoing dream) had some issues, Alan was constantly missing and then meeting with this guy Marco in Shed 4? Poor Martha was left to direct camp by herself. She really wanted to know what was going on in Shed 4 and Alan planned to show her but then he came up with the following excuse:

Between spending time in Shed 4, falling down holes, and then going to out of state camp meetings, none of which poor Martha was invited too, Alan became a questionably devious character in my dream. Well that was until Martha actually got to see Shed 4!

The curious thing about my dream was that I really could not see into Shed 4, and I did not believe that it was really just a “electrical control panel” for the camp like I once heard Alan say. I was starting to think that maybe it was a spy shed….like in it housed equipment that kept tabs on all of camp…like a Big Brother type deal? I wasn’t sure, but now I was starting to question Martha as well.

In my dreams rumors started buzzing about camp. Joe Beets seemed to be spreading most of them, that camp was not real and all sorts of things. Maybe it was Joe beets who was the bad guy? Maybe I was wrong about Alan…maybe Beets caused Alan to fall down the hole? My dream never really explained it all clearly to me. I could only make inferences and assume things. All I know is that in my dream no one knew that I was watching, I was always there watching and waiting to find answers to my many mysteries.


My donation

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

This was the other assignment that I created for the DS106 Assignment Depository. For my assignment you have to be funny. You need to create a comedy bit that has at least three sound effects within it. You should be able to find most of your sound effects at

For the example that I completed I recorded myself telling a joke that I knew about a man asking for a donation to the local pool. I recorded my voice on Audacity and then inserted in my three sound effects that I found on into Audacity. It was a pretty simple assignment, and one that should be fun for anyone to do and fund for people to listen to.

The first to “Join the Conversation”

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

So this is one of the assignments that I, myself, created! I had fun with it. I hope there are no other assignments like it, I browsed through most of the video assignments to make sure. But for my assignment you have to find a media clip with at least two people creating dialogue and you have to mute one of the voices and use your own voice to create one of the voices in the dialogue. Now you cannot simply repeat the dialogue, because that is no fun. This class is Digital Storytelling, so you have to create a new story when you replace part of the dialogue with your own.

In my example I took a segment from the Godfather, one of the most recognizable segments of dialogue, and muted one of the voices and replaced it with my own to create a new story about how my cat fluffy is sick and needs to go to the vet. I did the assignment by downloading the original Youtube segment of the Godfather onto MPEG Streamclip and then saving it. I then uploaded the saved version onto Windows Live Movie Maker. I split the scenes where the dialogue that I wanted to mute took place and then i mute the dialogue. I then went onto Audacity and recorded the segments that I wanted to voice over with. I uploaded the different sound segments onto Windows Movie Maker into the areas that I wanted my voice, and viola I was done! We now have the Godfather helping me save Fluffy! …such a generic name for a cat I know.


Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Here is my blog letter home for my Ds106 class, and basically all it is, is a summary of the things that I did this week.

My Daily Creates:

Rage Faces

The Grinch Lives To Sled!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Th original assignment was to pick your favorite quote or make up your own phrase which describes a philosophy that you try to live by and to design a minimalism poster to reflect this. The remix part of the assignment was to add in an element of Dr. Seuss. So since I had to use another students work I decided to browse through the submissions for the original assignment. At each assignment I came across I tried to see how I could incorporate Dr. Seuss into it. I finally came across the one below and and thought I remembered seeing a Dr. Seuss character ski before.

When I browsed through Google to find a Dr. Seuss character on skis the only thing that came up was the Grinch sledding. I felt like this could still fit into the mountain scene and the quote that says “Ride to live. Live to ride.” So you could interpret this picture as the Grinch riding down the hill because it is the easiest way to get to civilization (riding to live) and the dog enjoying himself like all pets do (living to ride).


Black Passion

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

For this assignment we had to mix together different movie posters to create one movie. I mixed up a picture of Natalie Portman from “Black Swan” and Johnny Depp from “Edward Scissorhands” to create my own movie poster entitled “Black Passion.”

I had no idea where to start for this assignment. So I just started browsing on the internet under images for movie posters. I came across “Black Swan” and thought…hmmm I could work with this. I wanted to try and do something dark, since she looks kind of wicked in this picture. I then thought of Edward Scissorhands, since he is kind of a dark, well looks wise at least, character. I liked how if I were to put the pictures next to each other it looked as if he was staring at her.

I went under paint and used the free form shape to trace around the Black Swan picture and then I cropped and saved it. I then opened up a new paint document and cropped Edward Scissorhand’s picture. I then added Edward’s picture to the Black Swan picture. I adjusted the sizes so they would be close to matching and made the background black. I looked up different quotes from both movies and the quotes listed on my picture are from Edward Scissorhands. In the real movie it is actually the female character who says “Hold me” and Edward who says “I can’t.” I decided to switch them because in this picture it looks like Edward is yearning for the Black Swan and she looks cold and distant.

For the title I tried to mix and match the titles of both the movies but it did not really work out, so I came up with “Black Passion” because they are both “dark characters” and one could assume from the picture that there is a love interest.

Black Passion

Mashing Twilight all together now!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

So for this assignment we had to find a sequence of movies and mash scenes from each movie to make into one trailer. It was easy for me to figure out which movies I wanted to do…..Twilight! Because like I have mentioned before I do love Twilight, yes I realize it is very corny. Anyways, I went on Youtube to find different scenes from each of the films. Once I did so I uploaded each Youtube clip onto MPEG Streamclip where I edited them down to size. Once that was accomplished I uploaded each edited clip onto Windows Movie Maker and edited it down to size a little more so that the movie would flow better. I then added a credits slide and uploaded it to Youtube and I was done!


Shout it out….REEE-MIX!

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

So from what I understand a remix and a mashup are the same thing. It is basically taking bites and pieces of different media, art, music, or ideas and creating something different with it. You could add in some of your own ideas to put a spin on a project that has aspects of other people’s work in it. I think there are different levels of sophistication to remixing as you will soon see. So I know this sounds kind of vague so look at some of the following examples. Don’t worry I learn best through examples too….like Kirby Ferguson said ” Nobody starts out original…copying is how we learn.”

So I am sure many people have seen this, especially if you are in DS106.

But I had to use this as an example of a remix, because yes as much as I would hate to admit I am a Twilight fanatic and I found this HILARIOUS! But yes this is a really good, and professionally done, example of what a remix is. The author is combing two different story lines, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Twilight, to create a new storyline. One in which Edward is stalking Buffy because he is infatuated with her and then she kills him because she isn’t interested. I most definitely think this is creative! It takes a level of skill to be able to combine two completely different pieces of media into a single storyline. Not to mention the end result is a comedy which anyone who has ever heard of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Twilight would enjoy.

My next example is news footage remixed into a MC Hammer music video to create, well a new music video.

Once again this is creative and funny. I also find it slightly ironic since MC Hammer went into serious debt over legal issues with copyright and “stealing” other people’s ideas. In regards to copyright I feel that out laws are too strict. But regardless if you give credit where credit is due for the inspiration of your remixed idea, there should be no legal issues. I also think that if anybody tries to copyright their remixed piece of work, they should not be allowed to do remixed work to begin with! I mean if you can get creative based on other peoples ideas, why can’t people get inspired off yours?

And you can’t talk about Remixing without mentioning Weird Al

This man has made his career out of remixing and I think he is one of the best examples. He takes the beats from famous songs and then adds his own lyrics to actually make fun of the real song. He is a creative genius!

Help the victims of the Batman Massacre!

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Hey all I found this being spread around facebook and I wanted to share it through my blog as well. All I ask is that you copy this onto your own blog sites as well.

Please consider doing this!
Hey facebook, I had an idea…..All those kids in the hospital recovering from gunshot wounds at the Batman massacre could use a visit from their hero. I propose we (as in all of facebook) should make enough noise asking Christian Bale to visit these kids in the hospital dressed in the real Batman outfit. They need to know Heroes can be real too, not just the bad guys.
Not asking anything fancy from you, if you read this, share it on your wall. If you wanna go the extra mile, post it in other sites as well. Show the kids there really are heroes.

Dear Christian Bale, Please visit the injured children from the movie massacre as Batman, you have the power to be a Hero right now, not a movie Hero, a real life flesh and blood one.

Thank you,